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Where is Prime Minister Meles Zenawi? He is alive and well

Tigrai Online - July 16, 2012

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
The visionary and charismatic leader of Ethiopia Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

Tigrai Online was flooded with emails from friends and foes enquiring about the Prime Minster Meles’s where about this week. Some even threatening, mocking us, and some genuinely concerned about his health.

The word about Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is he is exhausted and his doctor ordered him to take a few days time off, and he is doing exactly that. As far as the information we have to date he will be back to his work soon.

As with everything else Ginbot-7 and the toxic Diaspora had told us he is dead and they had his obituary in their websites. We can tell you this with absolute certainty; the Ethiopian Prime Minister is not dead.

We say to those who are in a hurry to get to Menelik palace with soiled pants from the 2005 elections, hold your horses it is going to take you more than wishful thinking and day dreaming. Anna Gomez is not in Addis Ababa to save your leaky behind this time around. Your so called invisible army is not waiting at the edges of the Ethiopian capital city, is it? So, quit the stupid crap you are trying to spread to the Ethiopian people. You are hiding behind facebook and rented TV and radio stations in Washington DC.

“Ginbotoch”, “Esatoch”, “Gelebawach” and all of you barking Ginbot-7 dogs you are not fooling any Ethiopian any more. No matter what happen in Ethiopia you don’t qualify to lead the country because those who can’t lead a tiny group won’t be able to lead a great country such as Ethiopia.

Udate: International media round up

Tigrai Online - July 18, 2012

The rumor mill is rife with unbelievable amount of statements about the Ethiopian Prime minister’s health originating from so many sides. We want you to see what all the national and international media is saying about the situation.

Ethiopia says Meles "in good condition" after illness

"He has received treatment and is in good condition," government spokesman Bereket Simon told Reuters. He declined to say what Meles' illness was and where he is receiving treatment.

An Ethiopian diplomat in Europe referred to the rumours about his health as "scare-mongering".

"His condition is stable and he is on the mend and he will be back to work soon," the diplomat said. "He has had hospital treatment. There is no serious threat to his health."

Ethiopia PM Meles in 'critical' state in Brussels

The one-time Marxist who toppled the bloody dictatorship of Mengistu Haile Mariam in 1991 was in a life-threatening condition, said a diplomat who asked not to be named.

"He is in a critical state, his life is in danger," said the diplomat. "He is in a critical state but is alive," said another.

Ethiopian leader Meles Zenawi 'in hospital'

Ethiopia's government has denied Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is critically ill but says he has been in hospital.

As you can see above all AFP, BBC and Reuters reported different accounts about PM Meles so, sit tight don't worry about a thing everything is going to be ok. It is business as usual nothing changed in Ethiopia and the government is fanctioning perfectly.

Tigrai Online is following the situation closely as soon as there is any new development we will report it.

Sebhat Nega - Tigrai Online
Aboy Sebhat Nega on PM Meles health and currnent issues

Please listen to Aboy Sebahat you will get clear information about the health of PM Meles Zenawi.

Its not a very important issue [among] the people. It is the opposition parties that are trying to exploit this because they are wishful thinkers. Otherwise, in the normal situation, its not a major issue, Nega said.

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