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Meles is in fine-fettle in the land of one thousand Meles Zenawis

By Dilwenberu Nega - July 16, 2012

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia
Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

Why this entire hullabaloo about Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s health? Is Meles not a human being like everyone else, prone to illness and even death?

However, to take recourse to rumour mongering, guesstimation and wishful thinking simply because the conspicuous absentee at the ongoing AU Summit in Addis Ababa happens to be Prime Minister of Ethiopia is not only wrong, it is mistaken. What is even more despicable is Dr. Birhanu Nega’s ‘peaceful overture’ to Meles Zenawi’s successor during an interview with ESAT. This goes a long way to highlight Birhanu’s greed for power, and ignorance of the obtaining condition of present-day Ethiopia. Who, in his rightful mind, will engage in talks with a terrorist? What makes him think that the Constitution of FDRE will come to an end with Meles Zenawi?

While Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is mortal, EPRDF – the party he led to military victory against the brutal military dictatorship as well as to four consecutive National Elections victories – is immortal. Like everyone else Meles has pluses and minuses, merits and demerits. But what separates him from previous Ethiopian leaders, in as much as succession is concerned, is the fact that he had ensured that EPRDF had readied thousands of Meles Zenawis to take on the baton of sweet success at the stroke of his last breadth.

Keep you cool, for Meles is no where near his dying bed. You know something? Lions, too, need time out to chill out. After a well deserved rest, Ethiopia’s lion will roar again.

Meanwhile, those of us who appreciate Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s contribution to an Ethiopia which has become at peace with herself after prolonged fratricidal war, to an Ethiopia on the cusp of entering the league of middle-income countries and to an Ethiopia which has become the pride of Africa in the world, can send him our “God speed” wishes.

Don’t worry; be happy Ethiopia is safe and sound!

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