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Prime Minister Meles Zenawi will be back in harness and the toxic diaspora will be left in tatters

By Dilwenberu Nega, July 22, 2012

Prime Minister will be back in harness and the toxic diaspora will like 2005 be left in tatters.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
Prime Minister will be back in harness and the toxic diaspora will like 2005 be left in tatters.

Ever since workaholic Prime Minister Meles Zenawi became the conspicuous absentee at last week’s African Union summit in Addis Ababa, virulent and invective stories have been bruited about within Ethiopian communities in Europe and the United States.

On the other hand, the deferred statement by Minister Bereket Simone, Head of The Office for Government Communications Affairs, on the health of our leader, was in a way too little too late, because it came after Ethiopians abroad had already fallen prey to the toxic diaspora’s rumours and impressions. Whether or not Bereket’s assurances that overwearied and outworn Prime Minister Meles will be back in harness “within days,” after completing a prescribed period of recuperation would ‘decaffeinate’ the rumour remains to be seen. Meanwhile, however, self-conflicting reports churned out by opposition parties have already exposed the mendacious nature of the much hyped up ill health of the Prime Minister.

Analysing the reaction of G7 and ENTC to the hospitalisation of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi provides one with a glimpse at the psyche of ineffective and bungling opposition politicians who think they’ve got what it takes to be leaders of todays tolerant and diversity- celebrating Ethiopia.

While much has been said and written about Dr. Birhanu Nega’s greed for power, no one had ever thought that he would be so asinine (foolish) as to commit a serious lapse of judgment, like the one he show-cased on, what has now been dubbed, “Empty Shouts Again Television” (ESAT). In a pre-emptive charm offensive, confidence oozing Birhanu Nega, offered an olive branch to EPRDF by offering negotiation on a “new Ethiopia” – G7’s euphemism for getting rid of the current federal structure. Only he who resides in Cloud-Cuckoo-Land – and not an Economist Lecturer from a US university – would come up with such puerile proposition.

What makes him believe that EPRDF without Meles is Christianity without Christ? Is EPRDF the product of Meles Zenawi, or vice versa? Or which of his favourite prophetic monks had advised him that EPRDF will cease to exist after Meles Zenawi?

As if Birhanu’s interview on prime time ESAT was not enough of a comedy of error on the part of G7, its propaganda arm, ESAT, today treated us to what will undoubtedly go down in Guinness Book of World Records as “the funniest story to be told on television.” According to ESAT, the alleged defection to Greece of the driver of the First Lady, “heralds the beginning of the exodus of those who fear for turmoil engulfing post-Meles Ethiopia. Good bye responsible journalism!

By the same token, three weeks old and the hastily cobbled together ENTC, whose British citizen Speaker is a registered Addison Lee cab driver in London, is equally guilty of committing a comedy of errors. After issuing a series of infantile press statements adamantly sticking to its claim the Prime Minister is no longer on planet earth, it submitted a request for diplomatic recognition to the US State Department. Stupefied by ignorance and greed for power, ENTC is acting like a rabid dog, biting everything and everyone on its way. Diplomatic recognitions are granted to sovereign nations. In the case of the Libya uprising, however, when the sovereignty of Libya was being eroded by NATO’s invasion, members of NATO nurtured and duly recognized the Libyan Transitional Council. The origin of the self-styled ENTC, on the other hand, is a galaxy away from that of the Libyan Transitional Council. The founding father of ENTC is an income-tax dodger and a fugitive from justice, with no track record of leading an opposition while living like a king in Addis Ababa. Besides there is no uprising in Ethiopia, despite ENTC’s latest “Die-for-me” clarion call to the people of Ethiopia.

Prime Minister will be back in harness and the toxic diaspora will – like 2005 – be left in tatters.

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