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ESAT is a disappointing liarís media empire

By Teshome kassaye, August 12, 2012

I am truthful to myself in my own space when I wrote this small piece and in fact it took me sometime to reach at such conclusions.

Let me start this way. When you open the web page of ESAT, you will find the following message.

“Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) is the first independent Ethiopian Satellite service tasked to produce accurate and balanced news and information. ESAT is committed to highest standard of broad cast journalism….”

I distinctly remembered the hot dialogue and discussions I had with my dear and near friends about the merits and demerits of ESAT as an alternative media out let. It was me, no body else among my friends who had optimistic thought and welcomed ESAT wholeheartedly when it first made to the air waves. Until I happened to evaluate ESAT service, I wouldn’t like for a second to deny ESAT stands for noble cause. Actually I wasn’t the only one to forward such idea and virtually it was sharpened by a lot of scholars or experts.

But ESAT didn’t stay long to prove the assertion of my dear friends, started to stagger and misuse this fantastic weapon and eventually seen to turn to anti government propaganda media. Subsequently ESAT happened to come with all its capacity to ill-serve the Ethiopian people and the owners of ESAT were committed and didn’t like to spend a minute without fabricating news. I would certainly believe these people could have done better than making news on gossip and hearsay.  With innocent mind I can say that was a missed opportunity to capture the heart of the Ethiopian people and for the misinformed and confused Ethiopian diaspora. But apparently that was quite impossible and more over it negates the hidden political agenda ESAT stands for.

I am not here to tell you all ESAT tsunami of misinformation and disinformation about Ethiopia. The last two weeks the way ESAT reported PM Meles Zenawi’s Health is very unusual and different. ESAT is becoming more than a propaganda media out let. There is nothing like this news that has put ESAT squarely as a LIE EMPIRE MEDIA.

I would like to ask my dear readers a sincerest question.

Where have you seen in this world news to be created and made to air by an editorial board. Astonishingly unwise, Editorial board of ESAT sat down and discussed…and simply made news. You have to be kidding us.

News as such simply created in an office, ESAT editorial board drawn a pervasive conclusion that PM Meles is dead based on one or two information colored by their own biases.

No one parallels ESAT in fabricating news and tell complete lies to the people. This is totally an egregious offense to all Ethiopian citizens and a disrespect the Ethiopian people and government should not tolerate.

Ethiopian opposition Diaspora politicians were well engaged for the past two decayed in hatred filled politics and on this regard we have seen ESAT on several instances being a good conductor of the orchestra. I can say this is a very unfortunate phenomenon but this is what the reality on the ground tells us and that is what it is. The current news about our PM is an extension and of course a product of this evil politics. So we shouldn’t care about these habitual lairs and their media out who always mix news with fiction to hide the truth.

In the first place it was ESAT who declared PM Melse was dead, then why  are they this time around coming up with a different  argument that failure of the Ethiopian government to demonstrate Meles presence justifys his death.

Dear ESAT what kind of importance and difference would that bring to ESAT and few of its supporters who already convinced themselves that PM Meles is dead?

Didn’t you understand the implication speaks the other way round that the news you reported was baseless?

How come ESAT editorial board missed to create and report…When PM died? Where he died? How he died?  What happen next?

How come these happen to be a jungle for the editorial board of ESAT to fabricate or are you waiting ICG report?

I am so eager what Anatomy ESAT will assume when PM is back to his office?   I believe ESAT editorial board got its finger burnt when it decided to fabricate such news. ESAT, this time has no chance to deny Ethiopia government and its people any ammunitions that they can use to question its integrity.  I am wondering for how long we should tolerate ESAT to continue as A LIE EMPIRE MEDIA.

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