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An Ethiopian suspected mass murderer caught in Denver, Colorado, USA

Tigrai Online, Sept. 01, 2012

A Derg cadre living in the USA was arrested on August 24, 2012 in Denver, Colorado by American Federal Agents. Kefelegn Alemu Worku  is suspected of torturing political prisoners decades ago in Ethiopia. He is under investigation he might have   involvement in atrocities against Ethiopian civilians when he was working for the communist government of Mengistu Hailemariam.

Three Ethiopian Americans who live in Denver, Colorado identified him from a photo lineup. Prosecutors said the suspect used several names. They say he entered the U.S. using a stolen identity and falsified paperwork and illegally achieved U.S. citizenship in 2010.

The 68 years old suspect was living in Denver under the name of Habteab Berhe Temanu when he was arrested. Thousands of people were murdered by the fascist junta called Derg. Ethiopia was in the dark for a decade and half while the illiterate military leaders experimented a better way of torture and killing on the Ethiopian people in the name of communism.

Investigators say they discovered a news article which indicates a prison guard from Addis Ababa, Higher 15 (Kefitenga 15) named Kefelegn Alemu was sentenced to the death penalty in absentia for executing 101 people.

The Derg government which had the largest army in the sub Saharan Africa was defeated by the Tigrai People Liberation Front (TPLF) who morphed in to EPRDF in the late 1990s. 

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