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What is your expectation in the coming new Ethipian Prime Minister

By Tigrai Online, Sept 10, 2012

The past three months have been tough for peace loving Ethiopians all over the world. Since we heard the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Meles Zenwi was sick and he is getting treatment, majority of Ethiopians have been  praying and hoping he will be better and get back to his work. While we were waiting for Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, His Holiness Abune Paulos the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church died. In unfortunate chain of negative news we heard Prime Minister Meles also has died from his illness.

So as if it is not enough that we buried two of the greatest Ethiopians in one week, the useless extremists and chauvinists started a week long dancing, parting, drinking and expressing their out of control happiness over the death of 76 years old Patriarch who worked day and night for peace and help the poor and the death of a 57 year old father of three, great leader Ethiopia has ever seen, an Ethiopian and a human being.

Those freak of nature human waste are working day and night to disintegrate our country with the help of our strategic enemies because if they can’t rule the country they think it has to be dismantled. Those cowards who live in Washington DC and Western capitals are brewing bloody hate propaganda from their comfortable living rooms.

Their newest campaign lately has been spreading false propaganda about the Ethiopian government that there is division between the EPRDF, The TPLF, the country is in a verge of collapse if Ginpot-7 didn’t recue it, the imaginary army of Ginbot-7 is waiting in Ambo to strike and many more ridicules rumors.

I am sorry to disappoint those people who were waiting to see prime minister birhanu nega and army chief of staff abebe gellaw, it is not going to happen at least not in our life time, so gelebawoch don’t lose your day job.

The fact is Ethiopia is in a smooth translation of power and Ginbot-7 and other imaginary power hungry riffraff will not be part of the process. The EPRDF does not need to rush to do anything. When the EPRDF finish their assessment of the current Ethiopian situation and reorganize themselves they will elect a chairman of the organization and a Prime Minister for the country.

So, sit back relax let the constitutional order take its course. There is no need to worry, no one is splitting the country and nothing is out of order everything is in its place. The country is secured, the military is strong, and our country is intact.

I would like to finish by asking a question, What is your expectation in the coming new administration?

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