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Anna Gomez - Stop Meddling in the Internal Political affairs of Ethiopia

By Teshome kassaye, Sept 13, 2012

Anna Gomez
Anna Gomez the Portuguese politician, who is also Member of the European Parliament, is an enemy of Ethiopia. She is so angry she sounds like she is constipated or she is sexually deprived. In a speech she made at the EU Anna Gomez rambled for good five minutes about Ethiopia on issues she has no clue about.

Ms. Gomez was long been known among Ethiopians for interfering home politics. Many Ethiopians astonishingly equated her with the few architect of hate politics as far as the majority of Ethiopians interest goes. I remembered many in others Addis call her with a nick name “Hana Gobez”.

In many instances, she had accused the Ethiopian government in the European Parliament that the government abused developmental aid, had rigged election and engaged in land grabbing to mention the few. The accusation was purposely inaccurate in order to paint the government name in a negative light and her recent speech in European Parliament was an extension of this evil thought.

In the past I reached several people in the nation who expressed Miss Gomez stand in Ethiopian politics. In fact these unfounded allegations were considered by many Ethiopians around the world as an insult for Ethiopians and the least not expected from a person who assume European diplomat position. She draws a pervasive conclusion from one or two observations and colored by her own biases to tell us larch tree produces milk. In all her wrong deeds she had never been seen to apologize for irreparable emotional and psychological damage she inflicted on the Ethiopian people and government.

Recently, as recent as yesterday Miss Gomez spoke in the European Parliament on current Ethiopian politics. She remarked that after the death PM Melse Zenawi there is a palpable political vacuum and extensive political tension among the ruling party officials. She also stated that the Ethiopian government should bring and create enabling environment for political dialogue and reconciliation. Excuse me, Miss Gomez Did I hear the same press statement from Ginbote 7? There we go, Anna Gomez and Berhanu’s pretty much similarity start and end.

Miss Gomez, You can express your unconditional romantic love to Birhanu. For that matter we don’t care what so ever relation you have with him but when it comes to politics you need to think differently and come to the expectation of a diplomat. Many Ethiopian asked you a serious question, what is there for Anna Gomez to give a credit for the toxic segment of Ethiopian Diaspora and showers with praise for who stand against the values and interest of the Ethiopian people. I believe you are entitled to your opinion but we tell you that you are wrong because the political agenda you are backing is so naive and evil nor does it has a support of the Ethiopian people.

In your recent speech you also added that since Ethiopia is a huge recipient of European development aid, you pointed out that the Ethiopian government should be influenced as such. Where is this arm twisting coming from? Oh my God, you are preaching to abuse developmental aid for the interest of few toxic Diaspora Ethiopians and mercenary diplomat like you. Miss Gomez you are diametrically opposite for principles of humanitarian and development aid which a diplomat wouldn’t miss for a second. Well Goodness gracious let me tell you something, the late PM meles zenawi and his party awoke Ethiopia from deep sleep of poverty and darkness and now the new Ethiopia started to change for good. Thanks to the late primer, he saw us the hope that we can aspire in the near future and he started the journey with his strong people in the tunnel but unfortunately he died when we saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Although the whole nation is gripped by sorrow and grief over his death. We on the other hand are proud of his indelible legacy that he left for us. Miss Gomez, We Ethiopians have strong party and institutions and this won’t allow for power vacuum you are and your likes dreaming about.

Miss Gomez, Have you lost your mind? You must be living in a sick world where your myopic thoughts tells you that Ethiopian’s economy solely depend on European aid. This is an egregious offense to all citizens of Ethiopia and totally disrespectful for nothing. In fact Foreign developmental aid will bring a speedy Ethiopian Renaissance but its minus also gradually but surely reaches the same goal. In the last 21 years, our late primer thought us to decolonize the minds people of depending on foreign aid for development and he paved the way for exploiting our resources maximally by the Ethiopian for the Ethiopians.The Renaissance dam on this regard is a good example. So Miss Gomez, I would like to teach you one thing here, Foreign aid is no more a political power for arm twisting developing countries as it used to be. If you are still thinking as such you are a naive and unfamiliar diplomat and don’t deserve a position you assumed now.

You can express your unconditional affiliation with Ethiopian Diaspora who ferment toxic brew of hate politics and trying to export violence to our country. The government of Ethiopia knew very well the recipe of destruction of these few hate-infected Ethiopian Diasporas. Some of them were and are engaged in the worst practice of journalism and others involve themselves in plane crime. The government has brought strong proof and arrested those who had undeniable affiliation with terrorism. Miss Gomez you call them Journalists and we call them criminal. period. You are acting like an idiot to demand unconditional release of these criminals. You prefer to middling in internal political affairs of Ethiopia but one thing for sure is known here is, for the last seven and more years, you have been standing negatively against the interest of the Ethiopian people but you failed to bring a thing or two to influence the Ethiopian government. Let me wined up my writings with this, I considered you are one of the confused diplomat who got wishing everyday without knowing that it is no fish you are after.

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