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Political regression and power madness the two worst combination in the opposition Diaspora politics

Teshome Kassaye, Sept. 21, 2012

The Ethiopian opposition parties had been known for structural problem and lack of democratic framework within the parties. For plenty of instances they were subjected to split for power conflict among top leaders of the party. Narrow factionalism and disorganization are common denominators for opposition. They consider themselves as true libertarian but what is most importantly witnessed was, these oppositions utterly fail to practice the minimum democracy with in themselves. What is this preaching wine and drink water? I would say they are close intimate of dictatorial rule. Their personality is strange and disorganized and I can presume deep inside their political Anatomy even worse.

The political culture of the Ethiopian Diaspora oppositions at best is immature. They assume society as having structured thinking and led by herd mentality but this is diametrically opposite to what is democracy all about. we find venomous attack, name calling and character assassination which is a replica of the out dated Leninist political disclosure. They don't invite opposite views and they are the most intolerant. If one is entertaining opposite ideas, he is named and blamed, 'Hodam', 'Wyane', 'zeregna' to mention the few. when you see such attitude coming from intellectuals, it is totally disheartening. I don't have equivalent vocabulary but one African scholar described it as intellectual prostitution. A sane citizen should act out of prejudice, self interest and ignorance but the Diaspora Opposition party leaders and few of their supporters are victims of this unfortunate phenomenon. For decayed, their situation is deteriorating on this regard and now they have no chance but to be trapped in a condition that psychologists call group regression.

In the light of this instance, it brings me plenty of laughter when I heard 11 oppositions and civic organization agreed to work together. They are shameless being who can't differentiate a political party and civic organization. These parties have irreconcilable agendas and motives. What is there to work together?

Is it the Nobel idea behind people or the interest of few political party leaders bring them to work together?

The crux of the matter is that the Diaspora opposition parties have run out of steam for attracting Ethiopians at home and abroad. The only remaining card on the table is the same mechanism as the former 'Kinjet' party exploited Ethiopians over and over again. Forget the politics of 'Kinjet', it is probably the worst party in the universe but One should ask a legitimate question, where was that huge sum of money contributed for 'kinejet' ?. We didn't know.

On this regard, Genibote 7 has done its best four years ago. It squeezes adequately innocent Ethiopian Diasporas till the last drop of their asset in the pretext of turning down the Ethiopian government in six months. 'Ginbote 7' apparently back to square one as former 'kinjete' did but completely in a different situation. I think now is the turn for transitional council led by Dr. Fiseha Eshetu and his subordinate groups heralding to play the same drama, people tired off.

The Diaspora opposition parties speak with two ends of their mouth. One one hand they advocate peaceful struggle and the same time they are working hard to covert Addis Ababa into a combat zone. But all oppositions failed on two counts and they failed even more at a deeper level. Recently rumors are circulating, the transitional council and its subordinates are to send their messengers in different states of US for fund rising. But why they would expect us to provide our hard earned dollars for non-yielding politics. Ethiopians in the Diasporas, therefore should remain vigilant and be forewarned of the tasks and objectives of Dr. Fisehas and his colleagues. They shouldn't succumb to the messengers false propaganda.

Honestly speaking these people don't interest me much because they love to play all dirty jokes in politics. We knew that OLF is a Trojan horse and Ginbote 7 lap dog of Eritrea government. Oppositions were trying to use Eritrea as a back door way to pressure the Ethiopian government. In the last four years,  Genbote 7 leaders were continuing to expose their intellectual vacuity and managerial incompetency and were seen many times licking their master shoe Esayas Afeworki.

Some few weeks ago 'Aba' Mekarios was sent to Eritrea in the midst of the their political meeting, having a cross on one hand and a gun with other. Aba Mekarios Please I have sincere question that I would like to pose to you , Is the value of Christianity diminishing in you or are you diminishing this value? . Before his departure, Aba mekarios delivered ESAT radio-address that he inspires the splitted Ethiopian armed oppositions in Eritrea and united them in the Battle. This priest must be under drug or alcohol influence to join the violence apparatus in Eritrea. I wish him all the best to be house arrested as General Gelech.

Transitional council has brought a cock and bull story to tell the Daispora, Dr.Fissha is also among the prophets. Dr. Fisseha, The previous business man and the current unfamiliar politician was blessed by Egyptians and Italians diplomat to be the future Ethiopian leader. He wouldn't hesitate to lie by his teeth that Ethiopia won't continue to be a one country with out him. I was so amazed by this fuzzy thinking. I tell you that you are living in a fool paradise with grandiose delusional disorder.  Dear Doctor, wishing to be Ethiopian leader is not wrong but you need to have the consent of the Ethiopian people not from Western diplomats. What can any body ascribe this for? Power thirsty and power madness are a less strong vocabulary to describe your political appetite. People can be a politician for hundreds of reasons but I hate the reason you told the public why you became a politician.Tell me if I have information asymmetry, you are one the few successful business men who started from scratch and a turned to be a millioner. you bluntly told us the system won't allow you work. Excuse Doctor, How much money where you expecting to squeeze from the destitute Ethiopians?. This is totally unfair, please be a principled man as the honored profession demands.

Ethiopia is to elect tomorrow a new Prime Minster, All of sudden diaspora opposition are in hurry, So much so they can't even give a chance and breathing time for the PM Hailemariam Desalegne and his new administration. They beat war drums and adding Eritrea into the mix by sending messengers like Aba Mekarios and as to my information some leaders will join the priest in the battle with Eritrea clothing's. This is uttered to signify a bizarre, UNexplainable and totally wired situation. I wish the Eritrea government use this opportunity and flex its arms on these sick politicians and their messengers. Basically the diaspora opposition parties look like they are slapping a new coat of paint on everything and let's be vigilant in all political situation around us.