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Encourage & stretch mechanisms the Ethiopian Diaspora to involve in the country’s communal affairs through consensus

By Tezera Asegu, London - United Kingdom , Oct. 12, 2012


1) Introduction

2) The essence of consensus

3) Engaging the Diaspora community through consensus  

4) Vital guide lines and procedures in creating consensus

5) Consensus facilitators and institutions ethics

6) Communal issues and grounds that tie together the Ethiopian Diaspora

7) Conclusion

1) Introduction

This brief article attempts to provide an overview of the critical and communal issues that bring together all Ethiopian’s & the Ethiopian Diaspora community in to consensus. All Ethiopian’s and the Ethiopian Diaspora are united through blood ties, cultural affinity, shared history and has got a communal vision to their country. The quest to work together, to defend their values and beliefs is immense.

This article defined briefly the essence of consensus; the how of engaging the Diaspora community on communal issues and pin pointed those communal issues that should be adopted. The article also conveys some of the guidelines and strategies that have to be implemented consensus to be achieved.  

2) The essence of consensus

Consensus is a general agreement, group solidarity and equilibrium sentiment of the public, interest groups and all stakeholders in the judgment of communal issues. A group of people reach in agreement despite differences and political wrangling. It is a principle that paves the way to accept or adopt group’s conclusion, values and beliefs without internal and external influences on the basis of logics or feasibility study.

3) Engaging the Ethiopian Diaspora through consensus

  • It is very fundamental to stretch and establish mechanisms the general public, interest groups and the Ethiopian Diaspora to be more involved on communal issues beyond political and diminutive differences through concession, mutual agreement and dialogues.
  • It is very imperative to convey a well contented communal issues and programs for all the public and the Diaspora communities across the board through radio, internet and by organizing meetings, conferences and events.
  • The established institutions and concerned bodies have to aim at sticking together all the community including the Diaspora beyond political drives and have to exert every effort their beneficiaries to intermingle one another so as to propagate the virtues of working together.
  • It is vital to ponder and engage the young generation of Ethiopian’s in Diaspora across the globe in all the initiatives put forward.
  • It is very imperative to acquaint the young Ethiopian Diaspora with those Ethiopia’s distinctive cultural values and heritages, take a point , with peerless scripts of  Ethiopia that only exist in Africa , scrolls , arts, music’s , cultural dresses , castles, buildings, and the like ,
  • It is worthy to propagate at any stages and venues the importance of achieving tangible changes in the country, Ethiopia rather than wrangling on far to grip political grapple.
  • Our country Ethiopia has gone through so many traumatic episodes in the past due to uncontrolled natural disaster, war and government’s illusory approach. These scars would be mended with the engagement of all Ethiopians and the Ethiopian Diaspora across the board.
  • It is essential to uphold and instigate the contribution of the Ethiopian Diaspora by indulging in dialogue and consultation on issues that bring all together by generating platforms so as the voices the Diaspora community to be heard, to speak out on common issues and to bring about essential changes and they to be part and parcel of the ongoing economic, cultural, social and political endeavors.

4)  Vital guide lines and procedures in  creating   Consensus

  • It is advisable those institutions and organizations that are responsible in engaging all the public including the Diaspora community to adopt and stretch internationally accepted consensus guide lines and work practices.
  • Here are the internationally accepted guide lines:
  • The group participation and engagement has to be checked and assured,
  • It is essential to implement mechanism to bring down lingering differences,
  • It is worthy to build on the issue raised rather than absorbed to much on what is wrong,
  • Restrain from overriding and discount on core issues,
  • It is beneficial to raise issues based on facts , but essential to take in to account group values and feelings,
  • It is essential to focus on desired out comes rather than wrangling with hard liners,
  • The plans put forward have to be SMART which means specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and targeted,
  • Individuals and groups values and sentiments have to be taken in to account the over all mission and goals of the country to be come true.

5)  Mechanisms that have to be adopted to bring together the overall public and the Diaspora community in to    consensus.

  • Create opportunities all members and interest groups to say what is in his /her mind or feeling / without any hindrances and pressure,
  • Opinions have to be treated equally and positively whatever the content differ from the group,
  • All opinions have to be heard, shared and raised as far as possible,
  • All conflicting ideas have to be addressed for the group discussion,
  • Those responsible in bringing consensus and facilitators have to be restrained from adopting their own decision but the public /the group/,
  • It is worthy to confront group ideas, issues and sentiments rather than indulging on individual self-steam discernment,
  • It is the duty of the facilitators or those concerned body to encourage the public to handle and convey ideas honestly and logically.
  • It is very imperative to stretch mechanisms to pull in more members, supporters, and do all possible with tolerance to attract those who are opposing the group decisions through dialogue and consultation rather than implementing unnecessary pressure,

6) Communal issues that tie together all Ethiopian’s and the Diaspora community have to be pinpointed in any platforms, meetings, conferences and so on.

  • Organize brainstorm sessions and group discussion on issues that are vital for the economic and social growth of our country and encourage the Ethiopian Diaspora to have heartily felt interest to be a good contributor.
  • Encourage all Ethiopian’s and the Diaspora to work on a common purpose despite their political and the like differences. For instance, wielding every effort those looted heritages by foreigners to be returned, fighting together those assets of Ethiopia under the possession of foreign countries to be handed over to our people, oppose those international Medias and individuals who are betraying our inherited freedom and dignity resist those who tried to ignite conflict amongst our people and the like. These are some of the several issues that tie all Ethiopians and the Diaspora to act together on their mother land communal issue where ever they are.
  • We have to reconsider and recall those pivotal instances, situations and experiences to the public and reflect how all Ethiopian’s including the Diaspora community across the globe stood together during ominous coincidences, take a point, it is very vital to elapse back and point out how the Ethiopian people fought back the Eritrean government aggression and provocation on Ethiopia in 1998-99,
  • The initiatives and the willingness of the Ethiopian people to contribute and participate for the ultimate realization of the Ethiopian the Renaissance Dam and the five years growth and transformation plans are good instances that tie all Ethiopians together. Such communal issues have to be pin pointed in any meetings, conferences, events and public gatherings to lift up and motivate the general public and the Diaspora community at large. 
  • Play positive role investment to flourish in Ethiopia and strive hard the Diaspora community to be part and parcel of the investment opportunities put forward,
  • Agitate and organize a plat form the countries values, beliefs and the on going positive endeavors to be respected, retained and not to be in jeopardy,
  • Those international writers, scholars and renowned people across the globe witnessed and affirmed that Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people are modest and tolerance society in every aspect of life. Such kind of cultural blessings, dynamism, values and dimensions have to be encouraged and keep alive for ever,
  • Work towards the achievement and fulfillment of the principle of "unity respecting diversity " and it is very imperative to create a venue all Ethnic groups of Ethiopia  to intermingle and exchange their cultural values among themselves ,
  • Affirm the freedom, integration and wisdom of Ethiopia not to be compromised.
  • Do all the best the Ethiopian women to be empowered and to have net work with their sister organizations in Diaspora and helping them to have the right skills and to be full beneficiary of their rights , 
  • Work towards the creation of strong and well disciplined youths that take over the responsibility of the next generation back home and the institutions abroad. It is crucial to implement mechanisms the unique talent and potential of the Ethiopian youth to be revealed and shine,
  • Strive hard those youngsters and women in Diaspora to be more involved in their country Ethiopia core issues,
  • Create opportunities those oppositions that have got sits In the Ethiopian parliament to share their experiences and communal visions to the people back home and the Diaspora communities,
  • Aware the Diaspora community as swiftly as possible 
  • When natural and human made disasters occur back home in Ethiopia and establish mechanisms the Diaspora communities to have their inputs and contributions,
  • Strengthen links, work together and share experiences with our Embassies in Diaspora , with those NGOs that are playing a positive role back home and with those renowned Ethiopian born Development Associations,
  • Divulge and reveal for the international organizations and communities the contribution and effort of our country ever lasting peace to flourish in all of the Africa nations and in particular in the horn of Africa to our parliamentarians in area /Constituents/ where we are living at home and in Diaspora. Use every opportunity to reflect the shiny culture and history of our country, Exert every effort the image of our country not to be conveyed in reverse deportments.

7) Conclusion

In general Consensus is a proactive trend that facilitate the society, the public and interest groups to stick together and paves the way the people beyond any sprain to express their own views, their own words and their own will beyond differences. The fundamental objectives of consensus are to bring together all the public and societies in to on net and it is a foundation to ensure people’s rights to be respected and to be heard. It plays enormous role in bringing favorable changes and encourage all concerned individuals to play their part in their mother land communal economic, political, cultural and social endeavors.

Our country Ethiopia has gone through so many traumatic episodes in the past due to uncontrolled natural disaster, war and governments muddled approach. These scars would be mended by engaging all Ethiopians and including Ethiopian Diaspora across the globe through consensus.

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