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The Little Heaven in Seoul, South Korea

By Fanowedy Samara, Seoul-South Korea, Comment on fanowedy@gmail.com
Tigrai Online Oct. 28, 2012

It might apparently seem quite unusual for someone to live with his/her fore parents who died before hundreds of year; but it has become normal and usual daily routine of most Koreans.  Even you may feel odds when I tell you that many Koreans are visiting their ancestors on a daily basis; however, it has become a common phenomenon among Koreans, especially among Korean kids.

 Or you may guess that Koreans are walking beyond the speed of light so as to find their parent’s way of life before 500 years or so. Here you made no mistakes though there is no need to go beyond that speed light to play or discuss with one’s kin who were deceased before couples of centuries, according to the Korean experience.

When I went to the Little Heaven, I found Korean kids playing with their ancestors and they were really delighted. It is something miracle for the kids to see their fore parents though they don’t physically know them. Thanks to the Little Heaven, youngsters are becoming well aware of the past life of Koreans from their deceased ancestors without going to the actual heaven.

In the Little Heaven, youngsters have the opportunity to learn almost the entire Korean culture across time. There is no time limit here. One can just fetch any knowledge from any sphere of traditional Korea; of course wisdom is very vital to properly understand things in between the lines. Don’t worry, there are professional Tourist guides to fill any gap in due course and you can ask them whatever you want and I am sure they will help you more-this is my recent experience and witness as well.

Korean Kids enjoying at the Little Heaven in South Korea
Korean kids enjoying with traditional performance

It is a one stop Korean cultural life. Here you will miss nothing. What you have to do is just decide to see everything. According to official sources from the Little Heaven, “it is open all year-round and nearly 1.8 million domestic and foreign tourists visit here throughout the year.” Moreover, it is a venue where visitors can learn Korean culture in a short time through the collection, preservation, research, exhibition, education and exchange of Korean cultural materials.

This Heaven normally provides countless facilities such as Korean cultural artifacts and heritage, folk documents, Farmers' Music and Dance, Korean Seesaw, and Acrobatics on a Tightrope, traditional weddings, and during holidays, traditional holiday customs and religious ceremony folk entertainment are recreated and performed as well. It is safe to simply say that every spheres of Traditional Korean life is still alive in this Little Heaven.

In terms of landscape, this little Heaven also depicts a very synonymous nature of any ancient civilizations, be it in Korea or any other place else. It is encircled by mountain ranges with beautiful entrance in the west. This mountain ranges defends the Heaven and serves it like a wall which was a common phenomenon in most ancient civilizations of West Africa

Likewise, this Heaven is constructed along the colorful river where rice fields add beauty to the adjacent river banks. This can be easily associated with all ancient civilizations like in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, India, and East Asia.

 All these topographic landscapes give extra beauty and grace to the little Heaven. And in fact, the mountain ranges, the river and the arrays of houses following the river banks keep it being natural residence of traditional Koreans.  

This Little Heaven is otherwise known as the Korean Folk Village which was founded
on May 8, 1973.

It is a very good experience for all of us to preserve our culture in a very convenient and easily accessible place where no cultural and social element is missing. I would like to appreciate the commitment of the Government of the Republic Korea in preserving and promoting its cultural heritages while at the same time ensuring one of the biggest economies in the world.

You can see the truth as follows. Korea is among the newly emerging great economies. And it is also moving very fast in terms of sophisticated, and for that matter quality technology. And in some areas it is almost dominating the global market. And at the same time they are giving proper attention to their history and culture as well. And I hope developing nations can take important lesson from this noble Korean experience.

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