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Messebo Cement Factory’s Special Cement in use in mega projects

By Haileb Tesfai
Tigrai Online Nov. 13, 2012

Messebo’s cement Factory in the outskirst of Mekelle Tigrai state
Messebo Cement Factory in the outskirst of Mekelle city in Tigrai state is dispatching different types of cement to the construction sector in Ethiopia.

Mekelle, Messebo Cement Factory is dispatching different types of cement to the construction sector in Ethiopia. Renaissance Dam of Ethiopia is being constructed with Messebo Cement Product and the construction process is moving as per the schedule of the project. The inputs for the construction are rigorously being transported, and Messebo Cement Factory is the leading quality supplier to the project. It has recently produced a special type of Cement known as Low Heat Portland Cement (LHPC).

Salini Construction Company, the contractor of big projects in the nation, is taking special type of cement to the Renaissance Dam and Gilgel Gibie three hydroelectric powers. The special cement which is the produce of Messebo Cement Factory has been in use since last June, 2012. Messebo Cement Factory has reached producing four types of cement which are much important for various types of constructions at present. The first type of product is known as Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), the second is Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC), the third Portland Limestone Cement (PLC), and the fourth one is Low Heat Portland Cement (LHPC). These all types of cement, products of Messebo Cement Factory, are available in the market at present.

These Special cement products are quality assured and proved in Ethiopia and abroad. Our product has been given a quality assurance Certificate in Italy and United States of America. Salini has been using this special cement for its various construction sites since last June and is witnessing for the quality.

Messebo’s cement Factory in the outskirst of Mekelle Tigrai state
Salini Trucks Loading Special Cement from Messebo Cement Factory in the outskirst of Mekelle city in Tigrai, Northern Ethiopia.

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