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Some Ethiopians in exile and their politics of resentment

By Hindeya Mebrahtu
Tigrai Online Nov. 27, 2012

When we look back now to the almost humanly impossible, death defying acts of heroism and the sacrifices paid by EPRDF fighters, it is quite natural to praise and bow before their act of valor. If we could travel back in time and imagine for a moment when the armed straggle started, would the popular wisdom approve of the decision of the ten university students to go to Dedebit armed only with a rebellious mind to start an armed straggle against the DERG army, one of the most powerful armies in Africa? How were the splinter groups of EPRP viewed in the eye of their comrades who opted to sail overseas when the former decided to maintain their perseverance and continue their straggle by forming ANDM later to form EPRDF together with TPLF?  What were the odds of their success at the time? Many a people who had heard about the path chosen by these students pioneering the straggle and the individuals who decided to carry on the fight after their mother organization disintegrated must have considered them insane and lunatics at the time. Isn’t insanity about opting and acting alone against the wisdom of the majority? But these young people who had gone against common sense have succeeded in tearing down a system that was meant to stay at a heavy price. This success is the mother of all resentments on the side of the so called Ethiopian Diaspora opposition leaders and self styled activists.

When EPRDF was marching towards Addis Ababa obliterating all the DERG machinery that caused so much misery and agony over Ethiopian people, the leaders of the opposition with out allowing any allowance and chance to know what the EPRDF leadership had a program for the country were busy reacting and condemning the force that was combating a naked tyranny. Instead of celebrating and embracing the new change, they resented the advance of EPRDF to Addis Ababa. They felt beaten either because fate didn’t will it or because of their cowardice that they were not part of the active forces which were decimating an entity that had the appearance of invincibility. Such aberrant behavior of these leaders of Diaspora opposition is nothing but a mark of vice and weakness. The success of EPRDF in dismantling a tyrannical regime can invoke envy, disappointment and resentment only on a morally weakest and impotent people. They being such, they exemplify and personify Nietzsche’s slaves of morality. With this backdrop, what can we say today when they say and scribble things that is completely incompatible with today’s Ethiopia?   

The Perfection of the Opposition

What is worse for these cone artists is, as if it is not enough for EPRDF to liberate Ethiopia from the totalitarian DERG regime, the new rulers embarked on uplifting the country’s economy. Independent organizations such as the World Bank and the IMF started to testify about Ethiopia being one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This has become too much for the so called leaders of the opposition to swallow. It sent them berserk. They try to dissemble their misanthropy by manufacturing stories relating to human rights issues with the hope of besmirching EPRDF leadership.

If we closely watch their actions for the last twenty one years, one can not fail to notice the reactive character and posture of their opposition. They agonize and torture themselves over any news of EPRDF’s success stories or they find their niche and comfort if any “calamity” real or imagined befalls with in EPRDF leadership. They never actively pursue to capture their own dreams.  This is what we exactly witnessed when ETV last august broke the news about passing of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Their sordid and foul nature was manifested with their unrestrained gratification over the death of a leader who has done more than his share to his country. This explains how deep their resentment was over the statesmanship and fame the late PM regained both at home and abroad. It also explains how the success of the EPRDF leadership has turned these Diaspora opposition leaders in to diabolic creatures. Assuming that they had a legitimate concern over the fate of the country and assuming also that they have a noble and strong character, the logical conclusion of such an assumption would be that they would have shown magnanimity when it was publicly declared that the leader had passed away. However, these leaders of the opposition who are bereft of any strength, during such solemn event when the grief of the Ethiopian people was conspicuously palpable, with their dancing and ululation have proven us that they were impotent and bankrupt whose source of misery or happiness is found not in themselves but outside of them that is EPRDF! In other words, it is not the success or failure of their grand plan (I don’t’ know if they have any) which gives them satisfaction or disappointment. Impotency and bankruptcy being their peculiar character which inevitably made them incapable of running any straggle worth of the name, their sadness or jubilation drives from the success or failure of EPRDF in their perception.

Another example where by you can easily notice their reactive and impotent nature as opposed to an active nature is in their scribbling full of “alubaltas” the essence of which is EPRDF leaders are overwhelmed in their internal squabbles. They bombard us with their wishful thinking. They expect to make an easy grab of power in the hope of a deadly internal disharmony with in EPRDF leadership; these fools are waiting for Mena Bread to fall down from the heavens. Either following the legal procedures or bringing themselves at the fore front in different methods so as to earn the power that is’ to die for’ is anathema to them. Reversing the logic of the natural course of things, they have settled for the power to come on to them.

The Birhanu Negas and Al Mariams used to profess that EPRDF with out Meles would crumble like a house of cards. Delusional as they are I think they genuinely had such a belief. Now that Ethiopia has a new leader and EPRDF is as strong as it has always been, such individual leaders of Diaspora opposition and self styled activists are in total confusion. Any body can observe this from their gibberish postings and speeches. It is marked with incoherence. They have morphed in to like a ship captain whose compass broke amidst an ocean. They are rendered clue less how or where to heed. What I found the funniest and hilarious about these people when Hailemariam Desalegn was sworn in as Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister is when they were engaged in a heated debate whether they should give him enough time. They never stop amazing us with their incredibly inverted perception of the world and of themselves. What arsenal are they going to launch against the new Prime Minister if they don’t give him time? But there is no sensible person among them who asks this simple and serious question. By holding such a debate seriously among them, I have concluded that their incapacity and deficiency is not limited to their masculinity; it must also have everything to do with their senility.

During their lucid intervals, these leaders of the opposition sense their chance of staying relevant in the spot light of Ethiopian politics is being relegated to the back waters with every step of Ethiopia’s sailing in to the pacific waters. Besides, this petty task of maintaining visibility in the western world where every thing and every body works like a non stop machine is almost impossible. In a world where every thing is geared towards profit and domination for the sake of profit and domination, where the merciless nature of the competition of everyday’s business appears like every body is engaged in a war of all against all, the Birhanu Negas and Al Mariams can not be an exception to the inevitable fate of obscurity. The natures of the two grounds don’t allow any ontological significance to their deceptions: one ground being one in whom the daily hustle is too onerous to allow any memory, the second ground being Ethiopia the reality of which is a complete contrast to their stories. And therefore they are bound to oblivion together with their absurdities.

A final remark regarding the nature and pattern of these toxic Ethiopian Diaspora politicians, I find them always consistent in their predilection towards falsehood instead of truth; they have lived the last twenty one years in total denials rather than living in reconciliation with reality. When Ethiopia registers economic growth, they call it fake. When the country is building gigantic development projects, they say “what a waste”. When the ruling party produces a development and transformation plan, they call it paste. When elections are held, they call it sham or shame. Their politics has always been about black mail of EPRDF leadership. They have never been different. They don’t grow. They perfectly fit what Rousseau had said of animals in his “Discourse on the Origin of Inequality.” He argued the criteria for differentiating man from animal lies not in reason, sensibility, affection nor language for these characteristics are also shared in some animals. According to this philosopher, the true criteria to categorize between human beings and animals lies in what he called “perfectibility” which is the capacity to improve oneself over the course of time. The contemporary man is completely different from the man that lived four thousand years ago. His life style, purpose, culture and the technology modern man avails himself to enhance his well being made him completely different from the man that lived four thousand years ago. It is, however, different story in the case of animals. In animal world he says there is no room for perfectibility. The dog that we know today is exactly the same as the dog that lived four thousand years ago. Animals are perfect guided by their instincts with no prospect of growth and transformation.

 Human beings in life, therefore, are in constant change and development. They can never attain perfection as long as they are alive. They become perfect only when they die since there is no room for development and improvement in death. However, when you look at the history of the leaders of the Ethiopian Diaspora Opposition, you find them where they are now exactly where they were twenty one years ago. They don’t grow and transform themselves. They are trumpeting the same and the old boring songs. They seem to have defied the logic of human imperfection and if some body had to do diagnosis on such incredible people, all their signs encourage any body to bet and wager on the out come which would have proven very likely that they have attained perfection.

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