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An open Letter To Mr. Rene Lefort, Horn of Africa Political Analyst

By G/tsdkan Kebede
Tigrai Online Dec. 07, 2012

I have followed an interview of Mr. Rene Lofort a Horn of Africa political analyst by VOA’s Mr. Petre Hailine about the curRenet situation in Ethiopia and decided to write a response to his biased analysis.

Ethiopia, which is found to be the origin of human beings, has a long history of independence and civilization. We were Great back in history and we will be great in the near future!

Unfortunately, the Ethiopian monarchy and the communist military government inherited us poverty and backward practices in all social, political and economical aspects of our lives. Ethiopia holds vast cultivatable land, huge water potential resource for irrigation, and modest working man power. The only thing we were lacking were clear policies, strategies and modern agricultural practices. Our previous governments were rather thinking and worrying about their power as many Ethiopians were dying of hunger and famine. In 1973/1974 during the monarchy and in 1985 in the Derge regime bad droughts are some of the incidents which killed hundreds of thousands citizens.

Even both human and democratic rights were ignored in both systems. Having all these in mind, many young citizens decided to fight both socio economic systems and finally able to defeat them through bitter struggle.

Many young Ethiopians chose armed struggle to remove the Derge regime and build a Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia with the Ethiopian Constitution as its corner stone.

This constitution categorically states that power emanates only from the ballot box. It encourages the ultimate movement of the contending political parties are usually to promote their political agenda within the rule of law. They have to win the votes of the electorate only through peaceful means not by illegal strike and forced bloody demonstrations.

This is the result of EPRDF struggle as a party in particular and the Ethiopian people’s in general.

The late H.E. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was one of the greatest Ethiopians who played a crucial role to create the new stable Ethiopia. Prime Minister Meles’s vision, policies, and participation of the people enabled our dreams to see democracy, good governance, social justice, and eradication of poverty become reality.  Ethiopia is on its way on to becoming a middle income nation.

Mr. Renee Lefort, His Excellency Melese Zenawi’s dream was to see a prosperous and democratic country in the coming 20-30 years and ensuring the Millennium Development Goals are met on time to achieve this he drafted the Growth and Transformation Plan GTP.

His party, supporters and all the nation’s nationalities and people have promised to run his legacy. The Ethiopian people are determined to realize his dreams by eradicating poverty and backwardness. H.E. Mels Zenawi’s developmental ideology is neither European’s neo liberalist nor Asian, but African born Ideology. The domestically grown ideology will play a significant role to liberate Africa from the dominance of the neo liberalism ideology. Meles’s Model is the best key philosophy to overcame poverty and develop regional integrity. The world class mind African leader’s model showed progress and motivated Africans to develop self confidence to make decisions by themselves.

There is nothing wrong to continue the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s proven strategic principles, doctrines and system of government, since the EPRDF is the same party and our lat Prime Minister was one of the founders of EPRDF. His legacies are the policies and strategies of the government as EPRDF is the winner of the last election and it is the party in power. Let us remind you Mr. Rene Lefort EPRDF came to power not due to coalitions but because it has clear polices, strategies and political stands which are for the benefit of the Ethiopian people. Ministerial appointments are given based on education, working experience, and political commitment not party affiliation or membership.

Mr. Rene was worried about the appointment of two deputy Prime ministers and a foreign affairs Minister endorsed by the Ethiopian Parliament. Dr. Debretsion GebreMicheal a veteran freedom fighter and he was a minister before this appointment. He has a solid education [PH.D] and his political experience is more than educate for the job.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom is a civilian non fighter member of TPLF /EPRDF. He is one of the fruitful ministers ever seen in the last 21 years who showed a miracle change in the health sector. He acquired many diplomatic experiences in creating good relations with international organizations, states, companies even worldwide known individuals in relation to improve the health sector. He is young and energetic to do more for his country.  He  is expected to be a good role model for young officials and members of the EPRDF party. His educational back ground is PH.D. He won Many International Awards for his immense dedication to improve the health sector and fruitful achievements in the sector. These are the facts about the tow ministers who were promoted recently. Both were ministers even before the death of the late H.E. Prime Meles Zenawi.

However, these authentic endorsements of ministers become the headache of Mr. Rene Lefort who is a political analyst of the Horn of Africa. I don’t know why? Rather he seems the spokes man and echo of the diehard extremist Diasporas and arrogant opponents of the Ethiopian government who are working day and night weaken Ethiopia.

As evidence, you quoted Ato Seye Abrha word by word when he criticized the new established government. You propagate the actual words of the extremist diasporas ‘’Meles is ruling beyond the grave……’’ this is dishonest message to mislead the world about the reality of Ethiopia.

We Ethiopians promised to continue the legacies and dreams of H.E Meles Zenawi as they are the curative medicines to eradicate the bitter enemies of the Ethiopian people, poverty and backwardness.

We will never look for handouts as we are equipped with clear directions, policies and strategies to overcome poverty, thanks to our late Prime minister.

The World Bank and IMF stated that Ethiopia is one of the ten fastest growing countries in the world as the rest of the world faces economic crisis but you denied it. These practices are typical of the useless Ethiopian oppositions who are beaten in both politics and diplomatic aReneas.  But Mr. Rene Lefort wants to give them life from the grave and he becomes their guardian Engel.

Today, Ethiopia is transforming from trepidation to hope as we built a strong constitution and democratic federalism. 

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