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Awramba Times Versus Ethiomedia

BY Berhane Kahsay
Tigrai Online Feb. 16, 2013

Birhanu right hand Vs his left hand - Tigrai Online
A mafia style turf war is raging between Dawit Kebede and Abraha Belai, editors of Awramba Times and Ethiomedia websites respectively.

A mafia style turf war is raging between Dawit Kebede and Abraha Belai, editors of Awramba Times and Ethiomedia websites respectively. The cyber warriors are washing their dirty linen in public and it is very embarrassing to witness the pseudo activists-cum-journalists making a fool of themselves. They seem to be resolutely determined to slog it out to the bitter end and only time will tell which one of the two would eventually prevail. If we have to go by past records, Abraha Belai would raise the white flag as he did before to his sponsors at EcadForum. The editor of Ethiomedia is from Raya region that took on Hailesellaise during the first Woyane, and produced the finest son, Tilahun Gzawe, who died fighting for justice and democracy.  Abraha Belai on the other hand is waging a losing battle against the government that restored dignity to the brave people of Raya, and ensured the return of huge fertile lands that were allocated to the adjoining province by the last emperor as a punishment for daring to rise up against his misrule.

A couple of years ago an article written by Alleligan Sisay (‘’Debating the Nile Dam’’), was posted on the tabloid website Ethiomedia. Not long after its appearance, the editor removed it stating that: ‘’Ethiomedia receives several articles each day, the greatest challenge is the tactics TPLF cadres and pro]Eritrea government propagandists use to get their articles posted on our website. Their goal is very clear: to throw the Ethiopian pro]democracy opposition into confusion. So far, Ethiomedia has done very well in separating the chaff from the wheat. But lately, one article made it to the top under the headline ‘’ Debating the Nile dam.’’ 

This was a barefaced lie and the above statement amply demonstrates that the man clearly suffers from a chronic case of grand delusion. Abraha Belai would not have posted the article had he not gone through it with a tooth comb. The truth was that his masters at EcadForum went ballistic when they read Alleligan’s piece and immediately instructed the proxy editor to remove the article as it was not to their liking. Tolerance to differing views or opinions are not entertained by those who are invariably lecturing us on the virtues of pluralism and freedom of expression.

In the recent past, Abraha Belai posted an article which was highly critical of the editor of another down-market website Dawit Kebede. The aggrieved person requested for the ‘offending’ piece to be removed as he was not happy about it. The Awramba Times editor claimed that Abraha Belai told him point blank that he would only do so if he agreed to adopt an unwavering stance against Woyane. A quick visit to Dawit Kebede’s website would clearly reveal in an unambiguous manner the similarity between the two sites with regard to their virulent views on the TPLF and the ongoing economic development in Ethiopia.

Abraha Belai, as the solitary Tigrian among the ranks of the TPLF’s distracters, had it so good for many years as the recipient of undivided attention and the monetary benefits that came with it from Haji Tamagne and co. Now we have a new kid on the bloke encroaching on Abraha’s turf and he is not too pleased about it. Hence the blatant manoeuvre to subdue Dawit Kebede, who is a fresh entrant to the vicious and cut-throat Diaspora politics, desperately struggling to find his bearings. It appears that the ‘pro-democracy’ charlatan is in fear of losing his unassailable status and he is prepared to employ any under hand means to protect his lucrative ‘territory.’    

For a moment let us leave Abraha Belai on the laps of Haji Tamagne and concentrate instead on Dawit Kebede who arrived in the US recently in search of a better life. This bloke seriously considers himself as a journalist, and yet, he is devoid of the basic attributes that are required to perform this important task in an honest, fair, balanced and professional manner. He is clearly a political activist masquerading as a print journalist in the same way as his friend Eskinder Nega currently languishing in prison for inciting the removal of a democratically elected regime by violent means. It is in the public domain that Eskinder Nega prefers to describe the Tigrayan people as Judas and cancers for instituting democracy and equality of nation, nationalities and peoples’ in Ethiopia.

Dawit Kebede, believed to be of Tigraian extraction was blissfully working (Hadar ‘newspaper’) with those that were terrorising Tigrayans residing in Addis Ababa during the 2005 general elections. This man was helping the geriatric Hailu Shawel whose main and very potent rallying message was ‘’ Eqa wede kebele, Tigre wede Mekele.’’ It is incomprehensible indeed how Dawit failed to register a dissenting voice never mind defend his own people that were in grave dangers from the frenzied supporters of Knijit?  Would it be unfair to call this complicity as a betrayal of the highest magnitude? 

Here in the Diaspora, the relentless attack on Tigrayans is still in full swing and, Dawit & Abraha are actively participating for fear of being labelled as ‘Woyane’ stooges and lose their ‘privileges.’ Guesh Abraha and now Mulugeta Kahsay have been targeted and accused of all sorts of crimes under the sun by Abebe Gelaw who is vainly trying to avert the imminent collapse of G-7/ESAT.  The editors of Awramba Times and Ethiomedia are assisting this deceitful person by going out of their ways to publicise his lies in order to help him hoodwink the loyal Diaspora.  Neither Ethiomedia nor Awramba Times has uttered a word in defence of the innocent Guesh Abraha; this is to be expected from blind followers that are petrified to stand on the side of fairness and justice.  

According to Dawit Kebede (Civility Pal talk interview), Abraha Belai claimed in an interview he gave that he feels more of an Ahmara than a Tigrayan. Would Dawit be any different from Abraha Belai with regard to his feelings and attachments to Tigray? What we know for sure is that, Abraha and Dawit have been colluding with the likes of Hailu Shawel, Abebe Gelaw, Haji Tamagne and Professor Mesfin Weldemariam that would, if at all possible, instigate a pogrom against the Tigraian people.  

Abraha Belai and Dawit Kebede contribute very little to the development of democracy and consolidation of the rule of law in Ethiopia. They are in ‘politics’ to advance their own interests, and not the slightest bit concerned about the rampant poverty afflicting their people. No one comes close when it comes to obstructing those that are working day and night to mitigate colossal economic hardships. Dawit kebede was of great use to the ‘pro-democracy opposition’ while he was in Ethiopia scribbling tripe hoping for an insurrection. In the Diaspora, his ‘value’ has gone down so much, even Abraha Belai is trouncing him for a minute deviation from the toxic ‘activist’s’ briefs. Frankly speaking the two pitiful creatures deserve each other, and it wouldn’t be a great loss to humanity if they were to eliminate each other. Haji Tamagne would be grief stricken to be without his loyal lackeys, but most sane and rational people would say---good riddance.


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