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Eritrean mass media worried about Ethiopian success more than the misery of Eritrean people

Tigrai Online March 11, 2013

Eritrean victims of human trafficking showing the torture they suffered
Eritrean human rights activist Meron Estifanos is one of the Eritreans trying to make the world see this hidden gruesome crime against humanity. In the picture she is showing an Eritrean victim of torture burned by melting plastic.

Eritrean websites are busy spreading ESAT TV’s false propaganda while thousands of Eritreans are becoming victims of unimaginable torture in the Sinai Deseret in Northern Egypt. One of these useless websites is meskerem.net. The website is absolutely in total disarray in its design and its purpose. One thing you see in abandonee is negative articles, news and videos from various sources mostly from the toxic Ethiopian Diaspora websites like Ethiopian Review, ESAT TV and ECADFforum.

On the top of their home page they have international links, from the Horn of Africa, when you click the one that says Ethiopia it brings the Ethiopian Review home page. Now lets be honest is Ethiopian Review where you can get a real Ethiopian News? Does Ethiopian Review represent Ethiopia and Ethiopians? Or Meskerem is doing what it is design to do, spread hate propaganda against Ethiopia and Ethiopians?

The irony of it is while Meskerem and other government mass media are covering the so called “Muslim protest” in Addis Ababa, thousands upon thousands of Eritrean youth are kidnapped by human traffickers and exposed to a ghastly crimes and human rights atrocities never seen before.

Instead of organizing their people worldwide to rescue their country men and women, Meskerem is working full time rebroadcasting ESAT TV garbage in hope it will help them destroy Ethiopia.

An investigative report by the BBC at the beginning of March 2013 showed more of the same, thousands of Eritrean kids kidnapped from the Sudan refugee camps and sold to Bedouin human traffickers.

The most repugnant fact is the Bedouin human traffickers have reliable allies in Eritrea. Gangs from the Eritrean Rashaida who have close tribal connection to the Rashaidas in the Sudan and Egypt are the main collaborators on kidnapping Eritrean youth from the Sudanese refugee camps.  The Eritrean army generals are directly evolved in the inhumane lucrative industry of human trafficking. A UN report in posted on Tigrai Online July 2012 revealed that an Eritrean commander of the western division is a key player in his own people’s kidnapping, murder, torture, rape and human organ trafficking. The repot said "Multiple independent sources in Israel and the Sinai have identified General Teklai Kifle Manjus … as well as a string of intermediaries, as being directly responsible for the cross-border smuggling of humans and weapons from Eritrea," the report it states. "The weapons are generally described as Kalashnikov-pattern assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. Many bear the inscriptions of the Eritrean military units to which they previously belonged."

We would advice the editors of Meskerm to pay attention on finding a permanent solution to the untold suffering of their people at the hands of their own government and Bedouin gangsters and leave Ethiopia and Ethiopians alone. We Ethiopians can and will be taking care of our people and country thank you very much.


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