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Ethiopia, the lioness of Africa, is Marching Towards a Bright Future!

By Tek Kin
Tigrai Online March 16, 2013

Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam
Did you know that Prof. Alemayehu G.Mariam is an absolute whining extremist and neocon like his few hypocrite falsehood followers – such as ESAT?

Did you know that Prof. Alemayehu G.Mariam is an absolute whining extremist and neocon like his few hypocrite falsehood followers Ė such as ESAT? Although these few groups of people in the diaspora are trying to propagate hate mongering empty politics and hateful sounds about Ethiopia, thank God, 99.999% of people who live in Ethiopia and in the Diaspora that love and support the Ethiopian people and its current on-going scio-economic development are against Alemayehu G.Mariam and his countable puppets and no-Sayers. Alemayehu and ESAT do not love, care or have any concern about Ethiopia. Period. Because it shows in his/their fallacy filled empty horns and negative messages they post online and trumpet via their news outlets like ESAT TV. Personally speaking, I have NOT read or even seen any constructive dialogue or criticism in print media or so from this person at all. With all due respect, what is wrong with you Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam? Why do you always preach negative news post distorted articles about Ethiopia? Give me a break, almighty Lord!

Just think about it people! How would an honest and fairly concerned true Ethiopian scholar in any way, shape or form write wrong articles and wish bad things about the on-going positive socio-economic developments of Ethiopia and its poor people for striving to get out of decades old abject poverty? Am I missing something important here? Would somebody please help me justify this irresponsible behavior by Al? I believe that this man and his followers are sick, arrogant and egoistic. Moreover, I also think the main factors why Al and his twisted cohorts propagate unbelievable distortions emanate from the following associated deep-rooted reasons:

  1. 1. Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam assumes that he is the only smart prominent scholar alive. But, to the contrary, Mama Ethiopia in fact, has raised and taught thousands and countless brilliant and highly trained intellectual people within Ethiopia and in the Diaspora in particular who can outsmart Al in a heartbeat by any measureable standard and gauge.
  2. 2. Alemayehu seems to be trapped and live in his own fantasized and disillusioned world. Because Al seems to believe in the fanatics of lie, deceit and distortion of actual facts and it shows. Similarly, Alemayehu and his cohorts do not have the motherland DNA and burning feeling of real Ethiopian-ness and Abbay-ness so to speak. That is why he talks about a lame wishful thinking about the Renaissance Dam under construction being eventually destroyed by some enemy Ė Egypt. However, let me reassure Al that this will never happen. Ethiopia as any other sovereign state is entitled and has every undeniable right to exploit and make the best use of its God given immense natural resources within its geographic boundaries, water resources or otherwise. Mother Ethiopia has the right to develop any kind of project deemed necessary to alleviate and possibly eradicate poverty once and for all. So, Alemayehu G.Mariam, whether you like it or not, the Ethiopian Reianansance Dam will be erected, up and ready for use in just 5 years to be witnesses in your life time. If for some reason some disagreements and water sharing issues arise, diplomacy and mutual compromise will resolve and win --- but not WAR with Egypt is the solution per your infantile deduction and analysis. Furthermore, for your information, Ethio-Egyptian bilateral relations are in great shape and the Ethiopian and Egyptian people will share Abbay equitably and brotherly.
  3. 3. Alemayehu hates the betterment and shinning of the Ethiopian people and the motherland; otherwise a fair and reasonable person wonít write and preach falsehood against his country and people who in fact funded his baccalaureate degree education for free.
  4. 4. Letís be honest and present the fact that Alemayehu, ESAT, plus some die-hard remnants of the military junta (Derg) are very envy of the EPDRF leadership - notably the now in power popular Tigrian ethnic group in particular. In view of this fact, all I can say is Diaspora politics has become so eccentric it is hard to characterize it as politics anymore And that is what exactly Al is trying to create. Mistrust, friction and hate between the Nations and Nationalities in Ethiopia and the Diaspora. But you know what Al; people are much, much wiser than you think. And your childish rubbish propaganda will remain futile and go nowhere.
  5. 5. Alemayehuís own eyes havenít yet seen what is currently going on in Ethiopia in favor of the majority of the populace. So, once again what he says or writes does not represent or reflect the socio-economic needs, struggle and aspirations the Ethiopian masses and will thus remain between him and his cohorts in the Diaspora.
  6. 6. I say Alemayehu and ESAT are sworn enemies of Ethiopia and the cancerous wind they are trying to spread and propagate should be firmly halted once and for all by exposing their wrong deeds and actions that is intentionally designed to divide the people of Ethiopia.

Bottom line, make no mistake about it. In the Diaspora, Al and his likes along with ESAT are the disorders of the day and MOST people donít support or sympathize with them for that matter. As far as I know, one thing is clear. What the majority of the Ethiopian population, and all good friends of Ethiopia for certainly know is: whatever Al and his paper-tigers may say sing, write or broadcast their distorted foul-mouthed rhetoric, they will all remain in vain and fruitless. And sooner or later, their ill-will will eventually fade and wither away as many people in the Diaspora and in Ethiopia are getting sick and tired of their toxic messages.

And finally, I want you to listen to me and read my lips keenly Al -- time, current objective conditions and developments in Ethiopia, peace-loving Ethiopian neighbors, majority NGOs, most International Organizations and the whole world at large is standing along with the masses of Ethiopia in appreciation of the drastic socio-economic changes and Ethiopiaís momentous endeavors to get out of centuries old enemy - poverty. Most importantly, the Ethiopian people know who their foes and friends are.

Indeed, the heroic Ethiopian people are the WINNERS and CHAMPIONS of their tireless struggle and hard work. No one will dare to compromise Ethiopiaís freedom and national sovereignty. Ever! Unlike Alemayehuís hellish dreams and false wishes, the Ethiopian people are one and united more than ever and the Renaissance Dam on the mighty Abbay River will be built smoothly and successfully per projected time frame. Regardless of Alís non-sense hateful pompousness character and penmanship, Mama Ethiopia is steadfastly marching and will march forward in achieving its on-going scio-economic developments. And all ETHIOPIA haters shall burn and vanquish in their own hate and negativism!

May God Bless Ethiopia & Its Peace-Loving People! Amen.


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