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Ethiopia will never use the port of Asseb unless the Isaias Afwerki regime is gone

Tigrai Online March 24, 2013

Assab port abandoned by Ethiopia is a watering hole for the camels and desert rats
Ethiopia is doing great using Djibouti, Hargessa, Mombassa, and Port Sudan no need for Assab. There is no need for Ethiopia to use Assab, Assab will be a watering hole for the camels and desert rats.

Now and then the Eritrean media puts out rumors to take away the spot light from the ever worsening political and human rights situation in the tiny red sea country. Eritrean has been plagued by negative news related to its youth fleeing in droves and more recently attempted military coup d’état that failed but indicated how volatile the situation inside Eritrea is.

The Eritrean government is a great pressure from the public and its own army seeking change internally and externally from the no war no peace Ethiopian policy. Ethiopia reversed the Eritrean invasion in 1999 by beating the Eritreans on their own game. The Eritreans were forced to abandon one third of their country and thousands of Eritrean civilians were displaced. The war ended officially when Eritrea was forced to sign a peace agreement on12 December 2000 in Algiers.

Even though the war was over officially a new kind of war was starting at the same time. Eritrea started organizing, training and arming the Islamic Courts of Somalia to open another war front for Ethiopia and stretch the Ethiopian army. Eritrea was also betting on the Ethiopian terrorist groups which Eritrea calls freedom fighters.

Mean while Ethiopia was working in a multi discipline three pronged attack on Eritrea.

  1. Diplomatically Ethiopia went on the offensive exposing Eritrea’s anti peace and destabilizing policies in the Horn of Africa. As a result of Ethiopian efforts Eritrea was put under military and economic sanctions and still is under sanctions by the international community.
  2. Militarily the Ethiopian army, air force and the rest of security apparatuses were reorganized, retrained and equipped with state of the art military armament the country can afford. Knowing well Ethiopia’s military capabilities Shabiya can only pray Ethiopia does not initiate an invasion. If what we saw in 2012 is any indication, when the Ethiopian armed forces attacked terrorist camps well inside Eritrea, the Eritrean army did nothing it is rendered useless after the 1998 war with Ethiopia.
  3. Economically Ethiopia has been tightening a chock hold on Eritrea since the end of the war. Ethiopia took strategic measures to isolate Eritrea from its neighbors, the Sana'a forum was established under a 2003-Addis Ababa agreement between Yemen, Ethiopia Sudan and Somalia. Ethiopia abandoned the port of Assab completely depriving Eritrea about (USD) $162 million dollars per year in direct and indirect revenue from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia's no war no peace strategy is draining Eritrea's economy leaving it in shambles. Having 95% of the Eritrean youth in the front lines skyrockets the direct military related expenditures. Fifteen years after its reckless military adventure Eritrea finds itself stuck between a rock and hard place. When Eritrea is weak and helpless the Eritrean government is leaking romors through its agents to give hope to its supporters.

In the back drop of all of that is what the Eritrean websites spreading rumors that the tiny Middle East nation of Qatar will lease Assab and lease it to Ethiopia. The false reasoning behind the rumor is that the Djibouti is not able to handle the Ethiopian export and import needs. Ethiopia is doing great using Djibouti, Hargessa, Mombassa, and Port Sudan no need for Assab. There is no need for Ethiopia to use Assab, Assab will be a watering hole for the camels and desert rats.


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