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Should the chairperson of the AU and EHRW be investigated for corrupting and abusing their power?

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online March. 20, 2021

The hunger and food crisis of 1974 contributed to the downfall of the Haile Selassie regime. The drought that caused the death of more than one million Ethiopians in 1984 destabilized and eventually shattered the authoritarian Dergue regime, removing it from power in 1991 (See Desta, 2017).


First, I have no words strong enough to express my gratitude and appreciation for the government of the US- Mr. president Biden’s administration, the EU, the UK, Sudan, Kenya, President Paul kagame of Rwanda and others who opposed ethnic cleansing, wars and the humanitarian crisis in Tigray caused by the invading forces.

Recently, the United Nations Human Rights chief, Michele Bachlet, has agreed to carry out a joint investigation with the state appointed Ethiopian human rights watch (EHRW) commission (BBC news). But, why is the state sponsored ethnic cleansing in Tigray allowed to be investigated along with the government appointed EHRW? In other words, the ethnic cleansing Mr. Abiy Ahmed has committed in the dark may not be allowed to come to light.

What is the main reason Tigray demand international independent investigator? Those who demand international independent investigators want the truth to be revealed without any biases. However, the Ethiopian government wants to include his own servants from the EHRW and the AU because the government intends to hide the crimes committed in the dark.

In the first place Mr. Abiy Ahmed and his mentor Mr. Isaias Afewerki designed the genocidal war to be conducted in the dark. When Mr. Abiy Ahmed designed the genocidal war behind closed doors, it directly implied that he had the intention to deceive the international community. Mr. Abiy sealed off Tigray from the outside world. He denied any access to the region; he first disconnected internet and telephone communications throughout Tigray. Why?

Why the AU and EHRW should not be part of UNHR’s investigations? Many political figures in East Africa seek political solution to the conflicts in Tigray, Oromia, Benshangul Gumuz, Ogaden and other regions of Ethiopia. Particularly the war in Tigray has become an international war and caused humanitarian crisis from the very beginning of the war.

However, Mr. Moussa Faki, the Chairperson of the AU became the spokesperson for Abiy Ahmed. Contrary to the AU principles, the Chairperson did not advocate for an inclusive peaceful political solutions for the genocidal war in Tigray. Instead, he praised the war and expressed his support for the war in Tigray to continue.


As a result, the state sponsored genocide committed in Tigray caused humanitarian disaster of highest magnitude in the 21st century. Therefore, Individuals who are part of the problem cannot become neutral investigators but they should be investigated by the independent international investigators.

 Many credible domestic and international reports have proved that unspeakable atrocities against civilians are committed in the entire region. Rape and starvation are used as a weapon of war by the Eritrean, Ethiopian armies and the Amhara militias. Women are being killed and raped by Eritrean soldiers. Civilian properties and infrastructures are looted and burned.  

Mr. Daniel Bekele, the head of the EHRW appointed by Mr. Abiy Ahmed, not only he failed to report the atrocities committed in Tigray but also he was hiding the crimes, and twisting the massacres committed in Tigray to misinform the international community.

For instance, in the first weeks of the conflict when ethnic cleansing was committed at Mai-kadara town of Tigray by the Amhara militias from Gonder, Mr. Daniel Bekele rushed to twist the truth and misinformed the world. While the Amhara militia occupied Mai-kadra by massacring and exiling thousands of unarmed Tigrayans from their homes to Sudan, Mr. Daniel reported the killers as victims and the victims as killers.

Why is the current unelected Ethiopian government better known as the Amhara government? Well, some of the masterminds of the Tigray ethnic cleansing who are leading and supporting the Amhara militias are the EHRW lead by Mr.Daniel Bekele, The Deputy PM and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia (Mr. Demeke Mekonnen), the president of Ethiopia (Mrs. Sahle-work Zewde), the Leader of the Ethiopian intelligence security agency (Mr. Temesgen Tiruneh), and President of the federal supreme court (Mrs. Meaza Ashenafi) extra.

Today, the Ethiopian Military forces are better known as Amhara Military forces in Ethiopian military uniforms. As the Eritrean soldiers in Ethiopia use Ethiopian military uniforms as a camouflage, similarly the Amhara militias known as Fanos are incorporated into the Ethiopian Army in the last three years. So, it is not surprising if the Ethiopian Military advances the evil interest of the Amhara elites by committing atrocities in Oromia, Bensahngul Gumuz and most importantly the genocidal war in Tigray.


The Ethiopian military has excluded, and arrested over 22 thousands of Tigrayans from the Ethiopian military and they are becoming victims of extra judicial killings everywhere including from the UN peace keeping missions. As part of the ethnic cleansing investigations, a UN led international independent investigation may urgently require in all the Ethiopian Military and non-military prisons.

The main purpose of the international independent investigators is not mainly intended to investigate the human dogs who committed the crimes but the masters of the dogs in Addis Ababa and Asmara who gave orders to their loyal dogs to commit genocides. The masterminds of the genocide used individuals in the power of position from the government and the institutions of the EHRW, the AU and the Heads of mass media outlets to sugarcoat their ethnic cleansing crimes as “a law enforcement operation.”

It is known that the Ethiopian government has a track record of lying, denying facts and arresting Ethiopian translators who worked with journalists from financial times and AFP news agencies. So, why the Ethiopian government now wanted the EHRW to work with foreign investigators unless they have something to hide?

How do you trust an unelected government of Ethiopia who paid one billion dollar for the Eritrean government troops to invade and attack his own people? And at the same time a government who denies the involvement of Eritrean soldiers in Tigray while the world has proved the atrocities committed by Eritrean troops in Axum and in the entire region of Tigray.  

In summary: Mr Abiy Ahmed, officially denied the presence of the Eritrean invading forces in Tigray in a phone call made with the secretary-general of the UN, Mr. Antoni Guterres. Since then the current unelected government of Ethiopia is internationally labelled as a group of untrustworthy and pathological liars.

The unelected Ethiopian government sugarcoated the state sponsored Tigrayan ethnic cleansing “law enforcement operation.” So, does that mean the barbaric Eritrean and Amhara militias who are committing ethnic cleansing in Tigray are the United nations-peacekeepers?

Surprisingly enough, the chief of the EHRW Mr. Daniel Bekele and the chairperson of the AU commission Mr. Moussa Faki acted as the spokesperson of the unelected government of Ethiopia. Both of them sugarcoated the state sponsored ethnic cleansing “a law enforcement operation.” 

If the chairperson of the AU commission Mr. Moussa Faki is a true leader, then he should have resigned and apologized for supporting the ethnic cleansing. As the UN, the US, the EU and the UK demanded the essential first steps are: The state sponsored invading Eritrean and Amhara forces to “Immediately withdraw” from Tigray. The international community has all the capacity to carry-out the investigation without the EHRW’s and the AU’s biases.