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Birhanu Nega goes to Eritrea vows to overthrow the Ethiopian government

Tigrai Online, July 20, 2015

Dr. Birhanu Nega the leader of Ginbot-7 has left the United States for Eritrea to join an armed rebel he leads against the Ethiopian government
Birhanu Nega the leader of Ginbot-7 has left the United States for Eritrea to join an armed rebel he leads against the Ethiopian government. In the above photo he is seen greeting Eritrean army officials and supposedly Ethiopian rebels.

Dr. Birhanu Nega the leader of Ginbot-7 has left the United States where he was living and working for the past 8 or nine years. He went to Eritrea to join and lead the Ginbot-7 armed struggle against the Ethiopian government and people. Dr. Birhanu was a teacher at Bucknell University at the economics department.

The Eritrean government has lost majority of its army to desertion and the remaining conscripted ragtag solders are poorly armed due to lack of financing. The Eritrean regime is under heavy United Nations sanctions because of its destabilizing action in the Horn of Africa.

The one man regime in Eritrea is pretending to its people and some gullible Ethiopians it has built about 19 thousand rebel army against Ethiopia. In reality there are only a handful disgruntled people armed acting as a rebel group in Eritrea. Many insiders including Elias Kifle who use to be very close friends with the Eritrean regime until recently said there are no Ethiopian rebel groups in Eritrea. Most of the videos and pictures are staged by Eritrea’s own Sawa boys and girls.

Even if it was true the Eritrean regime collected 19 thousand rebel soldiers how are they going to stand to the battle hardened professional Ethiopian defense forces? It is well known fact Ethiopia has one of the most powerful army in Africa. Let alone some ragtag rebel group, the Eritrean army was running faster than Haile Gebresilasie when the gallant Ethiopian forces chased them in the Badme war.

The 57 years old Birhanu Nega is desperate to get to power by any means necessary especially after the 2005 election where he was so close to be a public figure.

The timing of Dr. Birhanu Nega’s arrival in Asmara is directly connected to President Obama’s visit to Ethiopia on July 27, 2015. The Eritrean regime is trying its best to create some distracting actions in relation to the US president’s visit in Ethiopia.

We hope the Ethiopian and American authorities are taking note of the reckless action by the former Bucknell University teacher.

We think it is all loud noise with no substance by Birhanu Nega and his supporters. His arrival in Asmara would not change anything in the ground, but the Eritrean regime is playing with fire. The Ethiopian people and EPRDF’s patient is running very thin. The Eritrean regime is cornered and facing more harsh actions by the United Nations Security Council.


Once the American president is left Ethiopia the EPRDF government should take a concrete action that would send a stern message to the one man regime in Eritrea. Some Ethiopians are floating the idea of declaring No Fly Zone over the entire skies of Eritrea. In addition to the no fly zone a carefully planned surgical air strikes on military installations, power production centers, airports, sea ports, mines and government headquarters should be carried out to degrade the regime’s capabilities.

The Ethiopian Prime Minster indicated on his last speech that Ethiopia will take action against the Eritrean regime if it continues to destabilize Ethiopia and the region.

It looks like Shabiya and its supporters are about to get their wish, WAR. It should be noted for any loss of life and property destruction that might happen in the inevitable coming war, the Eritrean regime and its supporters are solely responsible.

Birhanu Nega goes to Eritrea vows to overthrow the Ethiopian government.

The video below directly from the people who have inside knowledge. Most of them are former EPPF fighters who spent years in Eritrea hoping to become a real fighting force to overthrow the Ethiopian government, but most of them become victims of Shabiya themselves. Like Elias Kifle, Andargachew Tsige, Professor Muse Tegegne and many more told us Shabiya is making dramas to create false propaganda. Shabiya is weak and its army is in shambles, so Shabiya is trying to create civil unrest in Ethiopia. They think if the people go to streets the EPRDF government will be destructed and Eritrea can attack from the north.

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