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Dr. Birhanus’ fate won’t be different from that of Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys

By Mike Nega
Tigrai Online - July 07, 2013

Dr. Birhanus’ fate won’t be different from that of Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys - Tigrai Online
Dr. Birhanu Nega, stop hurting my country or face the fate of Hassan Dahir Aweys

Recently, I heard news that one of Somalia’s most prominent Islamist rebel commanders has been arrested and he is in the hands of Somalia government. Definitely, this is a big blow to al Shabaab insurgents. More importantly, this is a bad news to Ethiopian enemies, particularly Eritrea. Aweys is a self-pick individual by Esays Afeworki to destabilize Ethiopia and he worked hard to accomplish what he assigned in. Eritrea has tried to weaken Ethiopia through numerous parties and individuals, namely, OLF, ONLF, EPPD, Al Shabaab, Dr. Birhanu Nega and others. It becomes clear now that the source of all these evil is Eritrea. Most of these parties or individuals are now out of the game because of the gallant Ethiopian defense forces keep hitting them where ever they are and the Ethiopian people are doing their part to rid these evil from their country. Eritrea’s option is narrowing down to only and only one individual, Dr. Birhanu Nega and his party to try one more time to destabilize Ethiopia. I believe this will not be different from what have been tried before.

We can debate the importance of armed struggle to change a government in Ethiopia and we can argue among ourselves the need for government change in Ethiopia. There is nothing wrong with having different opinions on issues. As Ethiopians, however, we must have a common opinion on Ethiopian national interest and unity. We all are Ethiopians regardless of the opinion we have on different political issues; some oppose ethnic federalism but some say it is ok. Some believe the current government is not democratic and others may have different opinion. Some citizen chose armed struggle to change the current political situation in Ethiopia and others chose peaceful struggle.

We may have these opposing views and still united under Ethiopian unity and national interest. It is surprising and troubling to hear some politicians and so called “intelectuals” oppose the construction of Great Renaissance Dam. Even some of these politicians united hand with hand with enemies to block the construction of this great dam.  Some writers comparing this dam with Hoover Dam in scale and scope and believe this dam offers the hope of a brighter economic future to Ethiopia and the Nile region.

Ethiopia is the only country in the region, horn of Africa, stable and strong that have some influence on some international situations. Ethiopia is viewed by the world as strong partner which can fight poverty and terrorism.  This happened because of the hard work of citizens. Nevertheless, Ethiopian enemies are trying desperately to discredit Ethiopian influence in the region and choose strategy of creating a wage among nation and nationalities. Hence, it is Dr. Birhanu’s turn to try it.  As I have tried to mention it in my previous article, Eritrea is determined more than any time else to weaken Ethiopia. I am asking my brother Birhanu Nega to tell me “How come unity will come from Eritrean assistance or help?” I also ask Dr. Birhanu’s stand on Ethiopian access to sea? Ethiopia lost access to sea without I believe consideration of this great nation with great people. One day we will regain, as the great General Allula aba Nega said it, Ethiopian northern boundary is Red Sea.

Generally, Ethiopian Renaissance will be realized with the hard work of Ethiopians. This great nation will shine and rise above anything else. Dr. Brihanu I respect your choice of armed struggle against the government if it is based with in Ethiopia and financed by Ethiopians. But, Eritreans will not spend their money if it does not pay them off because they are not stupid. I beg you to disassociate yourself and the party you leading from our enemies. In that case we can think as Ethiopian while having different opinion. Dr. Birhanu stop hurting my country or face the fate of Hassan Dahir Aweys.

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