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Blue party is a leech without a national agenda

Tigrai Online, April 26, 2015

Blue party is a leech without a national agenda
The Ethiopian opposition party, Blue (Semayawi) party is taking advantage of the beheading of Ethiopian Christians by ISIS in Libya.

Blue party trying to score cheap political points at the expense of Ethiopian people

The Ethiopian opposition party, Blue (Semayawi) party is a fairly new political party. In reality Blue party is an incarnation of the now defunct Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) party.

Blue party lacks clear policy and strategy to function as an opposition party in the Ethiopian political landscape. If one barely scratches the actions of the Blue party in the past few years, one can see clearly Blue parties only goal is to grab power by any means necessary.

Blue (Semayawi) party since inception was never able to mobilize significant number of Ethiopians to it’s cause. The reason is Semayawi party doesn’t have any real cause for the Ethiopian people to support. The leadership of Blue party know one fact and that is, they will never be able to rally the Ethiopian people to their side. Then blue party leaders decided to latch on to any big events, tragedies, volatile issues, religious agendas, and ethnically sensitive topics. Just like their predecessor the CUD party, if a burning subject arises concerning Ethiopia and Ethiopians, they will be at the forefront of demonstrations shouting and screaming it is the EPRDF’s fault.

The Waldiba sugar factory case

We can recall a few examples of Blue party’s bogus crocodile tears in the past and present. When the Ethiopian government announced it will be building ten sugar factories in different parts of Ethiopia, Blue party cried foul about the Waldiba sugar factory. They said the Waldiba monastery will be totally destroyed as a result of the project. They tried to manipulate the Ethiopian Christians emotions calming TPLF was against Ethiopian Christians.

The Ethiopian Muslim protests

The Ethiopian Muslims have been living in peace and harmony with their fellow Ethiopian Christians for centuries, however foreign powers tried to inflame conflict between the two communities to weaken the country. The Blue party was the main champion of this case pretending to fight for Muslim rights. The odd thing is the Ethiopian Muslims didn’t ask Blue party to fight on their behalf. Blue party’s futile attempt to create problems between the Ethiopian government and the Ethiopian Muslims was an extremely dangerous and selfish adventure.

Saudi Arabia’s deportation of Ethiopians

The Saudi Arabian government deported nearly half a million foreign migrant workers from their country. The Saudi Kingdom said the foreigners have been living in the country illegally and they violated Saudi Arabia’s labor laws. Among those deported were thousands of Ethiopians. The Ethiopians didn’t get deported in a respectable and orderly manner. The Ethiopian immigrants were robbed, beaten, raped, and some were killed. The Ethiopian government in an unprecedented operation, it evacuated over one hundred thousand of Ethiopian citizens. Despite the government’s efforts, the detractors of Blue party and their affiliates in the Diaspora were blaming the Ethiopian government and TPLF.

The Ethiopian & Eritrean killings in Libya

Last week the terrorist group ISIS announced it has killed about 30 Ethiopian and Eritrean Christians in Libya. The tragic event shocked the entire world. Many countries and international organizations are expressing their outrage at the group and their support to the Ethiopian people and government.


On April 22, 2015 hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians staged a huge demonstration to protest the Islamic State (ISIS) actions against Ethiopians in Libya. The demonstration was supposed to show collective anger against the terrorists and support the grieving families. Unfortunately the peaceful gathering was disrupted by Blue party members.

In a manner that is not Ethiopian and in a disrespectful way to the deceased and their family, Blue party tried to take advantage of the tragic event. As a result of the scuffle between police and members of Blue party many people have been injured among them seven police officers. Most of the injuries are caused by rocks thrown by members of Blue party thugs. A group of Blue party members were seen on video beating up a police officer. The government should bring to justice those terrorists who attacked the police officers for doing their job.

The despicable action taken by members of the Blue party is not only unacceptable in our culture, it is shameful by any standards. Blue party would not gain any political advantage by repeatedly doing this type of actions. In fact many Ethiopians will turn their back because of their unlawful activity.

Ethiopia Communication Minister Redwan Hussein explains how members of Blue party tried to cause problems in the somber demonstration..

Now the question in many Ethiopians mind is, what and who do the Blue party represent? The loyalties of the blue party seems to lie somewhere else other than the wellbeing of the Ethiopian people.

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