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Addis Ababa was a host for a great British Exporters Exhibition last month

By James O'Sullivan UK Exporters Ltd
Tigrai Online January 10, 2015

Addis Ababa was a host for a great British Exporters Exhibition last month
British Ambassador Greg Dorey and Ethiopian Minister for Industry Ahmed Abtew at the opening ceremony of British exporters exhibition. Ethiopia is becoming an investment magnet even for the western countries. Ethiopia is a market that any globally minded company must take seriously” British Ambassador Greg Dorey.

The high profile nature of the first visit for SuperCatex to Ethiopia was guaranteed by the attendance of, British Ambassador Greg Dorey, Minister of Industry Ahmed Abtew and President of the Addis Chamber of Commerce Elias Genete, for the ribbon cutting ceremony to open the event.

Members of the press included all national newspapers, TV and Radio. The event was featured on the national evening news and radio stations throughout the day. Over 50 journalists attended the ceremony.

With 185 catalogues on display, over 100,000 different products were on offer to local companies seeking to expand their portfolio of representation or to find new suppliers to satisfy the tender requirements available in the fastest growing infrastructure market in Africa.


In total, 3089 sales leads were generated for the exhibitors. Direct enquiries for the show included Multi Currency Banknote Counting Machines; Crop Processing Equipment (to make Vegetable Milk); Internal Pipe Cleaning Systems; Agricultural Machinery Spare Parts (Generic); Hand Sanitisers & Washroom Equipment.

One exhibitor, JEC Industrial Products actually received an order for £18,638 of Workshop Trolleys and is also quoting on £15,000 of Electrical Components for a tender where the components specified must be British manufactured. Right place at the right time as they say.

The overall impression gained by the SuperCatex team was that local companies are now seeking products with reliability and quality for the local market.

Source: British Exporters - http://www.ukexportnews.co.uk
This article was published first at the above website.

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