Deliberately Induced Political Chaos to Destabilize Ethiopia
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Deliberately Induced Political Chaos to Destabilize Ethiopia

By Ahmed Deeq Hussein
Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Sept. Oct. 10, 2016

Ahmed Deeq Hussein, independent writer, based Jigjiga, the Somali Regional State
Ethiopian peoples, nations, and nationalities have been enjoying stable, peaceful, and co-existence for last 25 years with ethnic based federalism and under governance of 1995 constitution of Federal Democrat republic of Ethiopia. Today’s Ethiopia is one of fastest economic growing nation, and registered double digit economic growth for last fifteen years. The country has achieved to realize major transformation development projects such as Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway project inaugurated as of October, 5 2016. While other vital transformation projects are ongoing to be accomplished coming few years such as Grand Renaissance Abay Dam construction and Ogaden Natural Gas export project, and many other countless development projects were implemented. As well as the country is advancing day to day information & military technology, industries, small factories, transportation facility (road), agriculture, water, Health care & education etc.

Ethiopia was the most stable and peaceful country in the sub-Saharan African countries for last two decades, while its contributing security stabilization and peacekeeping missions for the countries suffering with conflict in the horn region and the whole Africa continent. The country has recorded a pivotal role in external affairs & diplomatic achievements. For instance; Ethiopia became a member state of non-permanent UN Security Council for the first time in this year. The country designed & developed investment & diaspora policies that investors both Ethiopian (diaspora & Locals) and foreigners can enable a conducive investment environment in which they can invest the country with development projects; as result, many foreigners are investing currently  in Ethiopia with mega projects I.e. industries etc.—that would contribute country’s transformation and economic development.

External aggravating factors (external interests to destabilize Ethiopia)


As a matter of fact, illegal protests that initially were carrying out few areas of Oromo and Amhara regions sporadically might be certain internal concerns that the hosting regional states have failed to control and solve accordingly. Thus the enemies of Ethiopia both external countries and anti-peace, racist & chauvinism groups have got an opportunity that they can play a crucial role in fueling the internal issues up to the level that can lead the country into destructive violence which is golden advantage for enemy. No doubt, that Egypt can do whatever possibilities that they can halt Grand Renaissance Abay Dam construction. Through sponsoring millions of dollars for anti-peace & terrorist groups like Jawar Mohamed in order to sensitize, advocate & mobilize a young people of Oromo through social media (Facebook) to induce inter-ethnic hostilities, destructive violence, destabilize the country and to erupt civil war with aim of faltering and failing the realization of Grand Renaissance Abay Dam construction.

Eretria hostility towards Ethiopia is a like Business as usual, and there are other under beneath big power countries exacerbating the case of Ethiopia due to Ogaden natural gas related issues and economic development relation that Ethiopia has with China which is based on mutual win-win strategies. These big power countries are not disclosed with their interest to Ethiopia’s overwhelming, however; according our past experiences that we are familiar implies a common formula for whenever an African country on the verge of exporting oil/natural Gas to face such induced political crisis is quite normal by the western big power countries.

The Contradicting and Controversial demands for OLF, Ginbot 7 & Derge remnants:

Certainly, its well-recognized anti-federalism alliance of Oromo Liberation Front, Ginbot 7 & Derge remnants who are based in western cities are intentionally disseminating a futile propaganda through social media and other media outlets of foreign countries—in order to dismantle ethnic based federalism and trample on national constitution of the country, with aim of destabilizing country’s peace, stability, and violating law & order the country. These hate promoting people who are neutralized in western world are deliberately disturbing integrity, & solidarity of Ethiopian nations & nationalities that would subsequently will halt the speed of country’s economic development with an interest of few people’s inspire. Those funded by the historic enemies of Ethiopia “Egypt” and Eretria.

Perhaps; these chauvinism & terrorists anti-federalism can only ally and agree in promoting inter-ethnic hostility, destructive violence, and to erupt civil war across the country, nothing else—that would not be possible to happen. Because, when you critically scrutinize their political demands are extremely controversial and contradicting to each other, for example; ONAG (OLF) claims that they are fighting freedom for Oromo people, while other Oromo opposition is demanding to rule the overall power of the country and Make Oromifa as national language, whereas Ginbot 7 & Derge remnants are demanding to resume one centralized government with one language, one religion, and one dominant ethnic-nationalist. Thus it’s the centralized government—that would determine all issues at higher level. In short to resume old system of Derge junta that based on discrimination, subjugation, atrocious, nepotism and one ethnic superiority than all others which cannot be accepted to realize their political delusions in the era of 21st century.

I do not think that can be harmonized too extreme contradicting ideologies such as freedom fighters and demanding one centralized government have any visible possibility to have common agenda but apparently it’s conflicting and contradicting like what is based on the alliance of OLF, Ginbot 7, Derge remnants & UBBO is absolutely controversial, contradicting and visionless. There is nothing that they can agree these groups except to destroy the country.

Furthermore, It’s very obvious as white sheet that some of westernized people from Oromo & Amhara origins are organized through ethnic based ideology by the foreign countries and sponsored to organize their people inside the country of respective ethnics and subjected to destabilize the country through organizing the young people of Oromo & Amhara regions, who are innocent & know nothing about actual game, simply by uploading software of saying of both you are majority ethnics, unite, advocate your people and conduct illegal protests against government and those people origin  of Tigre ethnicity to be displaced. While Tigria people & TPLF has nothing to do with these particular ethnics and regions but they sacrificed to ensure rights of all Ethiopian nations & nationalities.

Indeed the Oromo region is administered by the people of Oromo & ruled OPDO party, while Amhara region is also administered its people & Ruled ANDM party, its neither TPLF nor Tigria people that administer these two regions. If these two ethnics are majority; yes they are majority Oromo is first & Amhara is second while they are still governing their respective regions but if their aspirations is to rule minority regions it’s impossible and it will never happen in era of 21st but for sure the case of Ethiopia is not for Oromo, Amhara, Tigria, Somali, Dabub or other ethnics. It’s beyond that and its better Ethiopian people to open their eyes, look far and save their country. 


There are genuine arguments and assumptions saying—that the Ethiopia uprising is exogenous and deliberately induced political chaos by external countries and is related how to halt a vital economic development transformation projects specifically: Grand Renaissance Abay Dam construction and Ogaden Natural Gas export project, as many of our people believe Egypt is playing great role to destabilize Ethiopia with an ultimate aim of halting GRADC. The Egypt, & Eritrea are key stakeholders to collaborate with anti-peace alliance to exacerbate the case of Ethiopia to worst overwhelming situation in Ethiopia while they are using our young people as a tool of self- destruction.

Previously Egypt was a hub of fundraising for ONLF (UBBO) from Arab countries and channeled via Eretria to destabilize eastern part of Ethiopia, particularly Ethio-Somali Region aiming to create the region in a situation to become a war zone in which the Ethiopia government could not able to take any progressive steps for Kalub natural Gas project to be utilized. Now when people of Ethio-Somali region differentiated what is good for and what is bad for them. And realized peace and development is best option that people can exist generation to generation and solved their internal conflicts by themselves. The situation become very hard for Egypt and impossible to get part of people of the region who can be dictated per interests of Egypt to violating the region. Therefore, Egypt mapped to identify alternative options and to find others who can be used as tool to fulfil the interest of Egypt. Meantime, finally; Egypt has achieved to obtain Some People from Oromo and Amhara who are neutralized in western that would be possible to maintain interest of Egypt to Ethiopia like Jawar Mohamed. Therefore, Egypt is currently using as tool part of Oromo and Amhara people to destroy and destabilize their country.

On other hand, The federal government is working to respond the people’s questions regarding to democratic rights and admitted its defects in good governance, & unemployment related concerns etc. the ruling EPRDF is working to make complete reform top-down. Unfortunately, the people did not give adequate time for federal government to tackle internal issues pertinent to people questions for development and democratic rights. Instead during last few days anti-peace element organized and carried out a massive destruction, properties and lives lost in many areas of Oromo region—that would desperately intolerable to destroy the properties, developmental institutions and destabilize the entire nation.

In this regard, Federal democrat republic of Ethiopia ministerial council led by Prime Minister HE Hialemarian Desaleign has endorsed and declared state of emergency for entire country of 6 months. Although; this step is too late but it’s the only means to resume law and order, stabilize security and save the nation at this moment, and its properties, country and lives saving decision that we do agree 100% for sake of nationhood. Finally I would like to say for the people of Ethiopia wake up and save your country, your people and we are not supposed to be a tool of our enemies to destabilize & destroy our country.

We have to say our enemy BIG NO”  

Ahmed Deeq Hussein is an independent writer and analyst, based Jig-jiga, Ethio-Somali Region, can be reached via

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