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Federal police officer who fatally shot 12 people in Bahir Dar named

Tigrai Online May 15, 2013

The Police in in Bahir Dar city, the capital of the Amhara regional state 578kms north of Addis Ababa, has named a member of the federal police unit who hurt 14 civilians in a weekend was Constable Fekadu Nasha.

The police also said the shooter has had problems with his estranged girlfriend, whose mother was one of the victims.

“We believe a revenge may have triggered his actions said an officer in the city’s police commission.tims.

An official from the Amhara region police commission said on Monday his office was working hard to release the identity of the killer “when the time is due.” The officer insisted that from what his office has gathered until Monday the shooting was a “random act.”

What is mind boggling in this tragedy is where were the local police and security people while this mad man was mowing down innocent civilians for half an hour?

Even though the full investigation is under way by the relevant authorities, we think there is something wrong on the time it took to stop him.