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CPJ fake award for sinister plans for Ethiopia exposed

By Asfeha Yared
Tigrai Online 28 January 2015

CPJ fake award for sinister plans for Ethiopia exposed

Dawit Kebede is an Ethiopian journalist who was praised by Committee to Protect Journalists - CPJ as one of the brave Ethiopian journalists fighting for freedom of the press under a suppressive government.  "Dawit Kebede has endured all of the Ethiopian government's tactics to silence independent voices, from official intimidation and state-sponsored smear campaigns to the jailing of his staff. The silencing of Awramba Times leaves the country with only one remaining independent critical newspaper,"

Dawit Kebede was honored in 2010 by CPJ and he was awarded the CPJ International Press Freedom Award for “perseverance in pursuing independent journalism in Ethiopia despite ongoing government intimidation.”

After he exiled himself to the United States of America, he established an online version of the newspaper he was managing when he was in Ethiopia by the same name, Awramba Times. The Ethiopian extremists including the Eritrean Satellite Television ESAT TV were more than happy to announce the new found star freedom fighter. The honeymoon between Dawit Kebede and the Ethiopian extremist didn’t last long. Slowly his relationship with opposition camp deteriorated. Eventually they all started attacking him from every angle.

After a few years living in the USA, Dawit Kebede returned to Ethiopia and now he lives in his country.

In an interview with Ethiopian television in December 2014 Dawit Kebede  accused most of the fake international organizations like CPJ, Oakland Institute, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Freedom House, International Rivers, Survival International are working to advance Western countries ideology.  “We like it or not these organizations are tools to control the world and spread the western hegemonic ideology” he asserted in the interview.

Now the same organization which praised him when they thought he was working for the destruction or Ethiopia is forced to eat their cheap words. All these fake organizations are reacting very angrly to his comments about their dubious practices.  “We were hurt and disappointed when we read articles summarizing a television interview with Dawit in which he was critical of CPJ.” Sue Valentine, CPJ Africa Program Coordinator,said about Dawit’s comments.


This brings us to the big question, why did they award him their “prestigious” award in the first place? CPJ didn’t honor Dawit Kebede for his outstanding journalistic work. CPJ didn’t allegedly fund his website to spread justice and freedom in Ethiopia. The real reason they allegedly funded him and awarded him CPJ International Press Freedom Award is for potentially using him to control and interfere in Ethiopia’s internal political affairs.  It also indicates they are ready to support anyone who is willing to do their dirty work.

Most of these organizations are not there to advocate for the poor and weak. They are not for supporting peace, freedom, justice and democracy. They are there to advance their countries long term national interests.

What they are looking for in countries like Ethiopia is a “front” cover-up to musk their real evil intentions, but now and then they get exposed from their sloppy work. Oops!

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