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As Ethiopia enters a critical final phase the puppet masters are extremely nervous

Tigrai Online Oct. 17, 2019

Ethiopia enters a critical final phase

As Ethiopia enters a critical final phase the puppet masters of Abiy Ahmed are extremely nervous


The West, Egypt, some Arab countries, the Eritrean dictator, and highly organized covert Ethiopian mercenaries worked on the plan we saw unfolding on April 2018 in Ethiopia. The plan was multi pronged and it was executed step by step meticulously culminating with the removing of Hailemariam Desalenge from power and replacing him with Abiy Ahmed the traitor.

Abiy Ahmed has been groomed for years to assume power and Westerners put all their bets on him to carry out their dirty mission in Ethiopia. They thought due to his childhood, his religious and ethnic background, his multilingual ability and his low self esteem, he will be the perfect candidate to manipulate and help them destroy the EPRDF. In some aspects they were right Abiy Ahmed is the perfect hired-gun, but one thing they didn’t know about this man is, he is a self-centered coward trying to manipulate them.

Now let’s see who are the losers and winners in the latest Western experiment in Ethiopia.


Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people: Ethiopia as country is a loser because it is about to break apart and this time the threat of breaking up is real. The Ethiopian people in general are losers because the majority of them are suffering from displacement, thousands have been killed, and many more millions are facing starvation, communal conflict, and uncertain future. The sad thing is majority of Ethiopians are not aware the gravity of the situation Ethiopia is in because mostly the Amhara extremists are in a revenge quest against the TPLF and Tigrai, but mostly they are hurting themselves and the country.

The Amhara extremists & Amhara people:  The Amhara extremists are the biggest losers because they have been in troubled waters since the fall of Mengsu Hailemariam. The TPLF particularly Meles Zenawi did everything to comfort the Amhara people and welcomed them to the EPRDF, but they became greedy and wanted it all for themselves. They worked day and night to sabotage the EPRDF government and when Abiy come to power they called him a messiah worshiped him as the creator. However, their joy was short lived when Abiy Ahmed Ali turned out to be a con artist whose only ambition is to grab state power. For the Amharas Abiy Ahmed must be the worst threat they have ever faced because he is trying to have them encircled from every corner and destroyed.

The EPRDF party: The EPRDF as a party is a loser because a low level security officer who was nobody a few years ago and who grew up among them demolished the party from inside without too much effort. The EPRDF as party is dead and it will not be revived.  

ADP and OPD: The Amhara Democratic Party aka ANDM and the Oromo Democratic Party aka OPDO are losers. The ADP is falling apart due to its own internal problems and Abiy Ahmed’s systematic plots to destroy it. The recent leadership killings are the result of both internal and external problems. At the end the ADP barely exists only in name. The ODP is being slowly imploding because the mercenary Abiy is making sure they don’t compete with him. Removing Abo Lemma Megerssa from Oromia regional state presidency was part of Abiy Ahmed’s trick to hide him from the public eye.

Eritrea and the Eritrean people: Eritrea and the Eritrean people are losers because the dictator and his the PFDJ gangs are still in power and there is absolutely no change in Eritrea even after the so called peace deal with Abiy Ahmed the border is closed. The suffering and misery of the Eritrean people continues without a sign of any hope. The empty promise by Abiy Ahmed that the border will be demarcated has evaporated into a thin air because neither Abiy Ahmed nor Isaias Afwerki has the power to do anything about it. This is how the New York Times put it " Real peace with Eritrea can only be achieved if a tripartite agreement is reached between the national governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea, as well as the regional authorities in Tigray."


Abiy Ahmed: Abiy Ahmed is the biggest winner because he almost fulfilled his mothers’s wish for him to become the 7th king of Ethiopia. By hook or crook Abiy Ahmed became the prime minister of Ethiopia. The Westerners who are behind him until he sells the Ethiopian national assets like the Ethiopian airlines will shower him with prizes and gifts. Remember Abiy Ahmed wasn’t elected by the regular process of EPRDF, he is just a temporary replacement, Abiy and his masters wanted him to get legitimacy so they made him promise things that he can’t deliver and they turned around and gave him a Nobel Peace Prize for promising empty words.


Isaias Afwerki: The Eritrean president for life Isaias Afwerki is a winner because he was hanging to power by a thread. The UN sanctions were taking their toll on the economy, he and his cronies were on their way to the International Criminal Court for “widespread crimes against humanity including torture, rape, murder and enslaving hundreds of thousands of people” UN report 2016. The Eritrean people were organizing all around the world and they were working to overthrow the dictator from power when the west decided they can use him to pressure the TPLF and the people of Tigrai. That was unexpected jackpot which breathed temporary life for him and his dying regime.

Tigrai and the people of Tigrai: The people of Tigrai are winners in more aspects than one. From 1995 to 2018 the TPLF almost had forgotten Tigrai and its people. Politically, economically, and socially the TPLF focused in the rest of Ethiopia’s development. Tigrai didn’t see any meaningful investment from domestic or international inventors. Economic development and investment was concentrated in the rest of Ethiopia especially in Addis Ababa. Tigraian investors were demoralized in Tigrai and they fled to central Ethiopia with their money even Tigrai state owned companies like EFFORT and none governmental organizations like TDA, REST, and other groups built their headquarters in Addes Ababa. All in all Tigrai was neglected and sacrificed for the sake of Ethiopian unity, at the same time Tigrai was blamed for taking more than its share by the extremist groups and their media outlets.


After Abiy Ahmed and his masters nudged the TPLF out of Addis Ababa it woke up from its long slumber and realized it has made an error in judgment regarding Tigrai and its people. For nearly two years now the TPLF has gone back to its roots and reconcile with the people of Tigrai. TPLF is working in a lighting speed to grow the Tigrai economy, it is reorganizing the people, it has rebuilt the state media, a few good opposition parties are coming forward and these new parties are 100% focused in Tigrai only even some of them are working for independent Tigrai.

The people of Tigrai are united more than ever, even much better than the time of the armed struggle. TPLF and the state government are working successfully to bring foreign investment to Tigrai. In the diplomatic front Tigrai is virtually seen as a de facto independent nation by the international community as we have witnessed it in the past two years many foreign leaders have visited Tigrai bypassing Ethiopia.  Security forces of Tigrai are well trained and fully armed to defend the state. Everything considered, Tigrai is in a better shape than it was for the past 25 years.

The TPLF leadership is a loser, but due to the unwavering strength and unity of the people of Tigrai they came out winners, although Tigrai has lost opportunities and lives because of them.

Abiy Ahmed’s masters (the West): The westerners who organized and orchestrated the removal and destruction of EPRDF, the Ethiopian federal system, and Ethiopian constitution are winners because their man is doing a great job of dismantling Ethiopia. The unfortunate thing is the ultimate goal of the Western world was to buy the state owned companies after they were built by the EPRDF. They were planning to dump their cheap manufactured products in the massive Ethiopian market, but there will not be a country to exploit from now on, mark this words.  

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