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Critical time for Ethiopia with its challenges and the unpredictable pangs

By Debe Kulu
Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, December 13, 2015


The bigots of the so-called opposition parties and the likes are pushing Ethiopia and its people into abyss. If the situation is not brought under control anarchy and bloodshed would spread in the country the ending of the situation could be catastrophic. The so-called opposition parties lack clarity and vision. They are misleading school children in to unnecessary loss of life, destruction of property, and looting.

The opposition parties are trying to spread their bigotry to create social upheaval by inciting mass unrest in different regions and towns of Ethiopia. They also encourage some assassins to throw explosive in to Mosques so our Moslem brothers could be antagonized with the government and feel indignant about the situation.

The suburb of Addis like Brayu, Senbata, Ambo etc were to be mobilized to rebel against the so-called Master Plan. However I do not understand the logic for faraway places like Wollega, Harrer and others are involved in such turmoil unless there is some ulterior motive behind the disputed Master Plan issue.  In any case people can demonstrate to defend their respective rights if they think they right is being infringed, but not at the cost of innocent lives and properties. 

Some opposition parties like the Oromo Congress do not have clear concept of the constitutional right of the Federal Government and their Regional Government. The opposition parties confusing and cheating themselves they also are misleading the people to serve them as instrumental to saddle in power.

It is true, if there is no peace and stability in the country no one would be able to manage the state affairs successfully, on the contrary lawlessness, anarchy, bloodshed, catastrophic situation could prevail. If the bigotry opposition parties are trying to unseat the present government from power by violence creating mass unrest, it is not the right way. They have to follow the correct political path to challenge the government and secure the support of the people in their favor. In some web site I have seen some body being bound by some strips of rope ready to be headed like that of the cruel and savagery killing of the ISIS.

In the Diaspora also some of the activists and fans of the bigotry opposition parties preach and propagate such dreadful killing as lawful and acceptable to be practiced among their fellow countrymen if they don’t follow and accept their ideal opposition parties. What is very sad and worrying is very senior people in their eighties like Mesfin Woldemariam and robotic intellectual like Al-Gebremariam are preaching and fanning that a right time and situation have come to be involved and lead the Armageddon in Ethiopia. They seem to be delightful in the very recent disturbing turbulent situation and the dehumanizing effects of drought that is likely to affect 10 million Ethiopian citizens.

Hence what is urgently required to avert such gloomy situation clouded on Ethiopia?  Wise leadership and cautious curbing measures to resolve some disputed issues that revolve around the Master plan of Addis if at all this is the genuine issue for the present turbulent situation revealed from one edge to another. In addition to hold accountable those who are from behind mainly inciting and instigating to create mayhem that brought about human loss and property destruction.

To debate deeply the pros and cons of Federalism and its impact in maintaining the territorial integrity and mitigating social upheaval is crucially important.


Wise leadership and dynamic government at all federal levels that could cope with very challenging situations and take appropriate course of action before things go out of control is very emphasized. Moreover adequate ideological, political propaganda should be encouraged to counter mass media damages and influences from within and without. The Federal government at all levels has to modernize its bureaucratic state machinery and its personnel. At present it is not only the muscular strength that is required to climb the Semien Guna Mountains or the Aiga chain of mountains. It is not only military force that is helpful to lead and maintain territorial integrity and stability. At present there is peculiar different from the previous experiences steep leadership challenges and the oddities of running efficient state bureaucratic machinery.

Thank you

Debe Kulu   

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