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Ethiopia inaugurates gigantic cement factory in Oromia State

Tigrai Online, June 5, 2015

Ethiopain Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalgne at the inauguration ceremony of the Dangotie cement factory
Ethiopain Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalgne walks beside Mr. Aliko Dangote the owner of the cement factory at the inauguration ceremony of the Dangotie cement factory

Ethiopia inaugurates one of the largest cement factories in the country on Thursday May 4, 2015. The cement factory was constructed at a cost of 12 billion Ethiopian Birr or about six hundred million US dollars.

The cement factory is financed and owned by the Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote group. The modern huge cement factory was inaugurated at the presence of Ethiopian Prime Minsiter Hailemariam Desalgne, Mr. Aliko Dangote and other dignitaries.

The cement factory is located in Oromia State, Western Shewa Zone, Adaberga wereda and in the Muger aeria. The cutting edge cement factory will produce 2.5 million tons of cement bringing the total cement producing capacity of the country to eight million tones.

Dangote cement factory is one of the biggest cement factories in Ethiopia
The Dangote cement factory is one of the biggest cement factories in Ethiopia and will produce 2.5 million tons of ceement a year.

The owner of the factory Aliko Dangote said; Ethiopia’s fast growing economy, secure and convenient investment environment made him to invest in Ethiopia. He also indicated that soon the cement factory will be expanded to double the size and production capability.


The Dangote cement factory will create permanent and temporary jobs for two thousand people. Ethiopia has 18 cement factories including the recently inaugurated Dangote cement factory. When all 18 factories start to operate in full capacity, they will produce about 11.2 million tons of cement. That is huge amount of cement produced in a year, but due to the countries amazing development growth and massive construction boom, it needs about 17 million tons of cement a year.

Ethiopia is building mega hydro power generating projects in addition to the hydro projects the country is building Sugar, factories, Rail systems, Highways, Universities and residential condos. To satisfy the enormous need Ethiopia will continue to build more cement factories.

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