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A reminder call for Tigrian Diasporas against the current locust swarms plague ravaging Tigray

Yohannes Gebresellasie (Ph.D)
Tigrai Online Oct. 21, 2020

Yohannes Gebresellasie (Ph.D)

It has been few days now that Tigrians from within and the Diaspora have embarked on fighting locust swarms in every aspect be it physically, financially and morally where locust swarms has devastated crops in different areas of Tigray.  Tigrian farmers have suffered in unprecedented manner as a result and they are fighting like hell to defeat and to get rid of this unpredicted occurrence. Their fight against locust plague is achievable because the government of Tigray and the people of Tigray have drawn unlimited focus upon all aspects and using all facets in order to irradiate locust from all areas of Tigray once and for all. The government and people of Tigray are uplifted, motivated and dedicated more than ever to get rid of this sudden incidence and to move Tigray forward with leather like intensity and determination to eliminating poverty, illiteracy, and backwardness and to achieve sustainable development thereby to bring about prosperity, economic growth and political maturity throughout Tigray. The illumination of locust outbreaks from every corner of Tigray will therefore play yet greatest role in that regard.


The firm determination on the part of the Government and the people of Tigray in that regard will change Tigray for the better once and for all with the joint cooperation and collaboration of all Tigrians from within and the Diaspora. Tigrians from within and the Diaspora and friends of Tigray have joined hands in fighting against locust outbreak and their effort is gaining excellent results thus far and such determination and support must continue with utmost tenacity and vigor. The continued support in all aspects and from every corner will definitely play an important role in destroying this contagion and in improving the lives and livelihoods of Tigrian farmers; the bread basket of the people of Tigray. For this magnanimous support and cooperation against locust epidemic to succeed, the Government of Tigray, the people of Tigray from within and the Diaspora, non-governmental institutions, investors both from within and abroad and the public at large from within and the Diaspora must do their share of responsibilities.

 Here, it is important to note that Tigrian Diasporas must continue with the commitment, tenacity and momentum that they have already started at this momentous and historic moment to strengthen and enhance their participation and contribution in order to once and for all terminate the current locust rampant from all parts of Tigray. By doing so, Tigrian Diasporas can nurture the relationships of accountability embodying practices of obligation, respect, responsibility and affinity that underpin their connection to the developmental endeavor thereby  bringing about a rapid and positive change in Tigray.

It is a judgment time; therefore, during this momentous and historic juncture where Tigrians from coast to coast are totally committed to make their dream: rather long overdue dreams come true; Diaspora Tigrians must make a correct and historic judgment. They must stand for Tigray and they must put all their effort together to contribute to fight and terminate locust pestilence from every corner of Tigray. Now all Diaspora Tigrians  have great opportunity to demonstrate their commitment and dedication to supporting Tigrian farmers who have suffered enormously because of the spread of locust that devastated their crops in unparalleled manner. This great opportunity comes with the implementation of this what I call the call of Tigray to its people from within and the Diaspora.  This call has mobilized the people of Tigray and friends of Tigray from coast to coast to coast like few other times in the history of Tigray. It has become a call of support and a talk of every one with pride and dignity.


Any and every Tigrian has joined hands to support and react to this very important call of support. The contribution and support in different aspects  from within and the Diaspora and also from those friends of Tigray in that regard has thus far been outstanding and encouraging. However, the work and contribution and support must continue with more vigor, tenacity, intensity, passion and momentum.  Diaspora Tigrians must show more collaboration, dedication and commitment to help Tigrian farmers at this significant juncture.  This is a historic moment to demonstrate Tigrian commitment for an important and historic cause. That will be a pride of our people especially the young generation because our ancestors have already done their part to make their history. With the support and assistance, our young generation can make their own mark and claim their own history. This cooperation and support will further open the path to Tigrian greatness. This will also remind all friends alike in a clear and unequivocal term that there is no turning back even during hard challenges but moving forward towards progress and greatness of Tigray. The overall support, cooperation and collaboration of all stakeholders is a symbol of hope and bright future for the people of Tigray. Here are some thoughts what Diaspora Tigrians can do:

Keep up and continue contributing and supporting Tigrian farmers with more Commitment, Momentum, Tenacity Intensity and vigor.

Continue with your technical, financial and scientific support.

Do not forget to send financial assistance on behalf of your children, grandchildren, relatives, and friends and love ones so that they too can be part of history.

Keep up and continue with the unprecedented mobilization in order to get rid of locust plague from Tigray.

Keep on supporting, keep on helping and as you now are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, soon you will see your dream becoming a reality and will be proud of your accomplishment.

Tigray will overcome this unprecedented occurrence and Tigray as always will defeat any challenges that confronts it thanks to the firm, strong will of its citizens. Tigray has seen worst challenges before and one by one it has defeated them and that history will repeat: a history of determination, a history of commitment and a history of victory even against all odds. Finally Tigray will defeat its current challenge against locust pandemic and Tigray will destroy this unpredicted plague and will continue with its overall developmental endeavors.