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Ambassador Dina Mufti explains his governments stand on Saudi Arabia

Tigrai Online, November 16, 2013

Ambassador Dina Mufti explains his governments stand on the Saudi Arabian crackdown on Ethiopian immigrants.

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Ambassador Dina Mufti explains his governments stand on the Saudi Arabian crackdown on Ethiopian immigrants

He said the number of Ethiopians is not known however there are sizable Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia. Those who are coming include people with psychological, physical and economical problems. Many people are coming back with nothing. Some of them are coming back without shoes on their feet.

Tigrai Online's view

Saudi Arabian and International media reported about 23,000 Ethiopians surrendered to police and are held in a temporary holding camp.

Even if we assume the 23,000 are that need to be repatriated back to Ethiopia, Who is going to pay for their transportation and rehabilitation? Ambassador Dina himself said they need rehabilitation, how is a poor country like Ethiopia going to cover the millions up on millions of un expected expense?

We know all these people went to Saudi Arabia on their own free will, but they are not coming back on their own free will. They are being dragged from their houses in the middle of the night leaving everything they won behind.

Every single one of these Ethiopians has their own reasons why they left their country and ended up in this barbaric country. We can play the blame game and blame them or the government, but that is not the point. The point is the way they are coming empty handed to Ethiopia. Some are even coming back with injuries and lifelong disabilities.

Saudi Arabia has violated international law by encouraging its security forces and young people to kill, rape, rob and humiliate Ethiopians and other migrant workers. We think it is more than appropriate for the Saudi Arabian government to compensate the families of those who lost their lives and property. They also should be required to pay for some of the expenses of the thousands of Ethiopians rehabilitation and resettlement.

Foreign minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom also explained the Ethiopian government's efforts regarding the deportation of Ethiopians from Saudi Arabia on this ETV broadcast.