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EBC and the Ethiopian Federal government double standard exposed

Tigrai Online, May 8, 2018

Is Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation serving the Ethiopian people or just certain parts only?


Now is the time for the federal government to look in to Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation - EBC and correct the lopsided reporting against the people of Tigrai especially the reports that are motivated by racism. Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation as a federal institution has failed miserably to deliver its primary goal which is to report the news concerning Ethiopia and Ethiopians without any bias. EBC is supposed to strengthen the Ethiopian people’s unity through its media outlets, but it has become a hotbed of anti government and anti the Ethiopian people.

Continuous systematic offensive against the people of Tigrai by certain elements in Ethiopia including EBC is creating a great discontent on the population of Tigrai in general and the youth in particular. There is a huge volcano of anger against the government simmering in Tigrai, quite does not mean happy or fearful.

Starting in around September 2016 and in the beginning few months of 2017 more than eleven thousand civilians of Tigraians were forcibly deported from Amhara regional state. 82 were killed by mobs and armed gangsters. Most of them lived in that state for over 30 years and majority of them were born in there.


These civilians were forced from their houses and businesses because they were Tigraians. Their houses burned, their businesses looted they were ejected out of the state with the cloths on their back and the state authorities and security forces didn’t do anything to help them. In fact some of the Amhara state officials might have been orchestrating this evil action against Tigraian civilians in Amhara state to pressure the TPLF.

The federal and Amhara state governments didn’t do anything to address this people then and they never mentioned it in public. EBC never mentioned anything about the thousands of Tigraians deported form Amhara, but they are reporting about 500 Amhara people forced from Benishangul-gumuz. We are glad EBC is reporting about these people’s suffering but, why the double standard? We didn’t hear a word form EBC about 11,000 civilian Tigraians forced out of Amhara state.


Is EBC working for the federal government or is it secretly overtaken by anti peace elements, if it is working for the government which represents all the Ethiopian people it should be investigated thoroughly and make sure there are no elements working against the Ethiopian people’s interest.

We are aware about the EBC one sided report in the football field incident last week. The TV satiation highlighting only the point of view of the judge and not the players. We would be happy to publish a response from EBC if the TV station wanted to do so, or better yet we would like to hear from the Federal Communication ministry.

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