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ED-REAP Calls for An Immediate Restoration of Peace and Unfettered Access of Humanitarian Aid to the People of Tigray

ED-REAP Press Pelease
Tigrai Online Jan. 1, 2021

ED-REAP  Press Pelease on Tigrai -  Tigray

We in ED-REAP have been closely following the war on Tigray and the unfolding humanitarian crisis with deep concern and agony. Since the start of the war in early Nov 2020, the Tigray Region of Ethiopia has been severely affected due to the disruption of education and research due to the destruction of institutions, displacement of students (including as refugees to Sudan), researchers & faculty in addition to the catastrophic humanitarian crisis that is affecting ordinary citizens in the region. The Tigray region has been completely blockaded since the start of the war with no access to communication, independent journalists and humanitarian corridor for aid organizations. Based on fragmented but credible pieces of information that are being reported, the devastation from the 58 days of war involves atrocious human rights violations against innocent civilians; including rape, extraordinary killings, bombing in towns and villages, disappearances and incarcerations. This is leading to starvation of the people of Tigray and the pillaging of their civil infrastructure and private properties. The pictures that are coming out of the region indicate extensive looting, destruction of property (e.g. Almeda Textile Factory, Adigrat Pharmaceutical Industry, Adigrat University, Aksum University, Sheba Stones, Semayata Stones, Agri Commercial Farms, etc.), schools, clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and extrajudicial killing of anyone who speaks out against those committing these evil deeds. As documented by several organizations including the recent Human Rights Watch report after the visit by Laetitia Bader to the Sudan refugee camps, the level of humanitarian crisis and devastation is huge. We are also particularly worried and alarmed by confirmed reports that there has been involvement by foreign forces, including from neighboring Eritrea.


We are calling on all parties to the war to stop hostilities and take steps to resolve the problem with a comprehensive national dialogue. We believe that the following steps could be taken to bring peace and order to the people of Tigray, Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region.

  1. immediately ending the war on Tigray and immediate withdrawal of foreign forces;
  2. full and unfettered access to humanitarian agencies to provide the much needed aid and support;
  3. unrestricted access to members of the independent media (both domestic and international);
  4. a UN mandated investigation of the war crimes that have been committed against Tigray and its people;
  5. full access & support to all individuals & organizations who wish to help in the rehabilitation of Tigray;

Due to the unprecedented level of devastation of infrastructure and the prolonged blockage of basic services, the needs for humanitarian assistance and the eventual rehabilitation will be of monumental proportions. To help with alleviating these needs, we are currently raising funds to contribute to the rehabilitation of those affected by the humanitarian crisis in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia. If you would like to contribute to these funds, please open this url: https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/humanitarian-relief-fund-for-tigryan-war-victims/mulugetagebregziabhe


This fund raising effort is organized by ED-REAP, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed by a dedicated group of Ethiopian professors working in various US-based universities with the vision of helping with the advancement of research and education in Ethiopia. Your contributions are tax deductible since ED-REAP is registered in the U.S. as a 501(c)(3).

ED-REAP, 112 Windrush Ln, Durham, NC 27703, e-mail: info@ed-reap.org, web: www.ed-reap.org



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