Egypt lashes out at Ethiopia for asking it to stop its subversive actions
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Egypt lashes out at Ethiopia for asking it to stop its subversive actions

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Dec. 28, 2016

President Isaias shakes hands with Egyptian el-sisi

Anonymous Egyptian Foreign Ministry official called on Ethiopian government to stop what the Egyptians described as an active “provocation” by Ethiopia.  A few weeks ago the Ethiopian government has officially request for the Egyptian government or some of its elements to stop supporting rebel and terrorist groups orchestrating anti-government propaganda against the people of Ethiopia.


Ethiopian Foreign Minister Dr Workneh Gebeyehu  is quoted as saying ‘‘We informed our Egyptian friends about the activities of some hostile groups that are working against the Ethiopian government in Cairo, and we requested that Egypt stops the activities of these hostile groups,’‘ .

Instead of addressing the official request of Ethiopia, the Egyptian government decided to send a thinly veiled threat of intimidation.   The unnamed Egyptian official told the UAE-based media outlet “24”  “Addis Ababa knows well that Egypt has nothing to do with internal events in Ethiopia, but its attempts to involve Egypt’s name in the internal events it is going through will not be of use,” .

Last summer the Egyptian and Eritrean governments unleashed the most damaging public unrest in Ethiopia through their puppets. The public unrest caused hundreds of people to lose their lives and 202 million Birr worth of businesses were destroyed. OLF and other terror groups operate openly in Cairo, but the Egyptian official has the opacity to say, “Ethiopia has no evidence on Egypt’s involvement in such activity, and Ethiopian refugees in Egypt, like all refugees, respect the laws that regulate their residence, which ban political activities.” The above statement is not only a lie it borders insanity. Just this year countless Egyptian officials have been caught on TV working with Ethiopian rebel groups.

Egyptian officials encaoraging and supporting sepratist Oromos to split Ethiopia and establish their own country in a Cairo meeting.

Egypt is angry because it thinks the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Ethiopian Dam is going to hurt it, but more than the GERD Egypt is more terrified by the raising power of Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East.

The Egyptians just like the one man regime in Eritrea are having hard time seeing the truth until it is too late. Nothing short of the act of God will stop the progress of Ethiopia. It would have been beneficial for both countries to work with the giant power of East Africa and their neighbor Ethiopia. Egypt and Eritrea can throw all they have at Ethiopia, but they won’t be able to stop the miracle taking place in the country because it is powered by the will of 102 million Ethiopians.

Forget about Eritrea, but the Egyptians are better off accepting the reality on the ground and work for peace if not they are creating more problems for themselves. 

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