Should Egypt take lessons from USA and Osama Bin Laden?
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Should Egypt take lessons from USA and Osama Bin Laden?

By Molla Mitiku Ayenew
Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Dec. 16, 2016


The international community has been struggling to create a world convenient to its people to live in it peacefully. This struggle is frequently done at international, continental, regional and country levels.

However, there are a lot of challenges that coerced people to lead miserable lives. Of these terrorist activities are one of the worst scenario in which innocent people have become liable to. Terrorist activities have been claiming the lives of a significant number of innocent people. 

For instance, the recent terrorist attacks in Turkey, Somalia and Egypt claimed the lives of a large number of innocent citizens. There were also a lot of attacks targeting civilians in different parts of the world. This piece attempts to show how countries supporting and training terrorists have eventually become target of the group they trained.

There was a massive bomb exploded in Mogadishu's new seaport last Sunday morning, killed at least 20 people and wounding dozens. The terrorist group in the Horn of Africa al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the blast.

“The attack occurred where poor mothers have tea shops, where the port workers buy breakfast and get ready to enter the port for the day-shift work,” a report indicated.

Al-Shabab has been in Somalia for more than a decade. It has been using that country as a safe haven to train and recruit a number of youngsters in line with its destructive ideology. Besides, it established a strong link with Ginbot 7, Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), Muslim Brotherhood, IS and al-Qaeda.

It is evident that Islamic State and al-Shabab are cooperating in poisoning peace in the Horn Region.  The seizure of Qandala in October 2016 had been the first victory for the Islamic State-linked fighters, who are expanding the areas under their control. The two terrorist groups are obviously merging for peace poisoning activities in the poverty porn Somalia in particular and the Horn Region in general.

Similarity, Egypt has been serving as a safe place to the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood. This terrorist group even once managed to come to power, established an Islamic State and led Egyptians for about a couple of years. 

Prior and following the coming of President Mursi into power, the Muslim Brotherhood had been committing a number of terrorist attacks in Egypt and anywhere else. It is vivid that the Muslim Brotherhood had a strong link with the aforementioned other terrorist groups.

The explosion at Cairo's Coptic Orthodox cathedral complex last Sunday that killed at least 25 people and wounded nearly 50 others could be considered as one of the typical terrorist activities of that group.  

According to Egyptian media reports, more than 500 Coptic protesters gathered at the scene of the explosion, ridiculing the Egyptian government.  

They asked President Abdel Fettah el sisi to step down as he couldn’t guarantee peace to its citizens particularly to the 10 percent Christian population in that country. Unless the government meaningfully discharges its responsibility of respecting, keeping and maintaining law and order, lawlessness will widespread. 

Many political analysts argue that Egypt is one of the targets of the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood, which has a strong link with al-Shabab, al-Qaeda, OLF and Ginbot 7. Despite its liability to such terrorist attacks mainly targeting civilians particularly Christians in that country, Egypt has been continuing working in collaboration with the terrorist groups Ginbot 7 and OLF  aiming to destabilize Ethiopia.

This is one of the serious challenges in fighting terrorism in the Horn Region.  While the overall terrorist activities at international, continental, regional and country levels require consolidated efforts, some countries have become not only  adamant but also partners of terrorist activities.  There are ample evidence witnessing Egypt’s support to  the terrorist groups OLF, Ginbot 7 and the State in Eritrea in a bid to destabilize Ethiopia and jeopardize its forward movement.

However, it is inevitable that Egypt will put its head in deep water because the terrorist groups it has been supporting for years both technically and financially have a strong link with al-Quaida and  Muslim Brotherhood.  The Egyptian government has been backing these terrorist groups but eventually it will be liable to the terrorist attacks of these groups

Therefore, Egypt should learn from the tale of the United States of America and Osama Bin Laden. The USA trained and supported Osama Bin Laden when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979. Available historical documents witnessed that Osama joined the Afghan resistance using aid from the United States under the CIA program Operation.   In 1989, Osama returned to Saudi Arabia and he considered as a hero and the United States referred to him as "Freedom Fighter".

But the enmity of Osama turned to the United States of America and plotted the September 11/2001 attack on New York City. It is, therefore, a big lesson to Egypt and other countries backing terrorist groups. In other words, training and supporting terrorist groups with the aim of destabilizing other countries will eventually devastate the trainers.

Many political analysts argue that irresponsible measures on poisoning the peace and stability of other countries could be one of the significant retarding factors in fighting terrorism.

It is now high time for all citizens in all walks of life and any corner of the world to come together and denounce ill-activities of some irresponsible states sponsoring groups creating terrorist activities in countries other than themselves. This kinds of ill-activity should be terminated so as to enhance lasting peace in the world.  

It is time for all peace loving countries, concerned individuals and groups to stand together for lasting peace. At present the United Nations Security Council has also considered the issue seriously and it recently underlined the need for stronger cooperation to combat terrorism.

“Condemning acts of terrorism and their impact on innocent civilians and on peace and stability, the United Nations Security Council emphasized the need for establishing willful violation of prohibition on financing of terrorist organizations or individual terrorists as serious criminal offenses in national laws and regulations,” UNSEC said.

It is high time for all countries to come together against terrorism. However, there are some countries with their own hidden agendas that remained highly connected with terrorist groups.   For instance, Egypt has established a strong link with the terrorist rogue state in Eritrea and backing terrorist groups like al-Shabab, OLF and Ginbot 7.

But it is inevitable that these terrorist groups will turn their enmity to Egypt like what Osam Bin Laden did to America. Therefore, Egypt has become a loser in supporting the terrorist groups aiming to destabilize Ethiopia. Firstly, it may lose the honest friendship of the Nile Basin Countries particularly Ethiopia.

In the past decade, the Ethiopian government has been attempting to strengthen Egypt’s confidence on Ethiopia as the project on the Nile River is designed not to inflict any harm on downstream countries. Secondly, Egypt will create discomfort among Ethiopian brothers and finally, those groups getting financial and technical support from Egypt will turn their enmity to it. They are terrorist and have a strong link with Muslim Brotherhood that has been conducted different terrorist attacks in Egypt. Egypt, by no means, could be achiever rather it is a loser in its attempt to support the terrorist groups.

If the world is to fight terrorism meaningfully, there should be a strong cooperation among all countries in the world. As the same time there is need to have a binding law that forbids countries supporting terrorist groups targeting destabilizing other countries. These countries will be losers like what we learnt from the story of the United States of America and Osama Bin Laden.  Therefore, Egypt and other countries helping terrorist groups should take a lesson from the USA and Osama Bin Laden.

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