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Egypt reportedly massing huge force along the Libyan border

Tigrai Online, April 27, 2015

Egypt reportedly massing huge force along the Libyan border to launch military offensive
Egypt reportedly massing huge force along the Libyan border to launch military offensive against the Islamic State terrorists.

The Egyptian government is reported to be massing a massive ground, air, naval, and marine forces along it’s borders with Libya. The Egyptian forces are assembling at the eastern Libyan Desert bordering Egypt and at the Mediterranean Sea in north eastern Libya.

The report by DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources indicated the Egyptian troops are getting ready to launch a military assault on Islamic State – ISIS strong holds in Libya. “Egypt is massing large-scale ground and air forces in the Western Desert along the Libyan border, in preparation for a military campaign to capture eastern Libya – Cyrenaica - from the Islamist State of Syria and Iraq – ISIS – occupation”.

The Libyan town of Derna in the coast of the Mediterranean Sea is used as a capital city by the Islamic State Muslim militants. The strong presence of Islamist State of Syria and Iraq – ISIS in Libya and in some extent the Sinai is making Egyptian leaders very nervous.

Egypt and Libya share thousands of miles border. Both countries are dominated by Sunni Muslim governments. The Islamic State militants soldiers are mainly from Arab countries. The ISIS people can easily blend in to the population of Egypt and Libya culturally and linguistically. ISIS militants can travel from the Middle East to Libya via land or sea without too much problems.


The killing of 21 Egyptian and 30 Ethiopian and Eritrean Christians not only shocked the whole world, the despicable act put the region on edge.

The Egyptians have a green light from the United States government to take a military action against ISIS. DEBKAfile’s said its sources revealed that “Egypt’s projected invasion of Libya was high on the agenda of American CIA Director John Brennan’s unannounced visit to Cairo on April 19 for a meeting with the president”.

Map of Libya showing location in Africa and distance from Ethiopia
The distance from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Tripoli the capital city of Libya is is 3728 kilometers or 2317 miles. Benghazi the second largest city in Libya is similar distance.

We think this is a positive development regarding the elimination of the terrorist group ISIS. As much as it will delight most Ethiopians to see the gallant Ethiopian forces launch a military offensive against the Islamic State, we are not sure how Ethiopia can help in this military campaign. The distance from Addis Ababa to Tripoli the capital city of Libya is 3728 kilometers or 2317 miles or 2013 nautical miles. Without considering the logistical, geopolitical and other problems, the distance by itself makes Ethiopian military involvement in Libya next to impossible.

Source: http://www.debka.com/

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