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Egypt to buy $2 billion worth of arms from Russia

Tigrai Onlne - February 09, 2014

USA to send 20 F-16 fighter jets and 200 Abrams tanks to Egypt as a gift

The Egyptian government has completed a $2 billion dollars arms deal with Russia in the past few weeks. Repots say a senior Egyptian official source has told the Arabic newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm all the details of the deal have been concluded between the two parties.

The Middle East countries of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other Gulf states are financing the purchase of the Russian arms. Some analysts are suggesting that the arms deal is suppose to help Egypt maintain it’s fast disappearing position in the Middle east and Africa.

The Egyptians will be buying advanced defense systems, military helicopters, MiG-29 aircraft and anti-tank missiles with a total cost of $2 billion. The Russians are trying to take advantage of the growing drift between America and Egypt. After the Egyptian military overthrew the democratically elected government of the Muslim brotherhood and arrested the former President Morci, the United States has been distancing itself from the military.

Egypt has been in political and economic crisis since 2011. The Egyptian economy which is mostly based on tourism has been hit so badly in the past two years.

Note to readers:We have to remember in June 2013 Egyptian politicians were caught plotting how to attack the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Unaware their meeting has been aired live on TV the Egyptian. Ayman Nour one of the  politicians, last year proposed “spreading rumors about Egypt obtaining refueling aircraft to create the impression that it plans an airstrike to destroy the dam.This could yield results on the diplomatic track, Nour said.


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