Egypt said GERD impact studies contracts signing has been postponed
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Egypt announces postponement of GERD impact studies contracts signing

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Sept. 7, 2016

Egypt postponeds GERD impact studies contracts signing

Egypt's irrigation and water resources minister announced on Sunday the postponing of contract signing with two foreign consultancy firms – to study the impact of Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam on downriver countries – due to "unresolved issues."

In statements to the state-owned MENA news agency, ministry spokesman Waleed Haqiqi said that the delay was due to "outstanding issues between the consultancy firms conducting the technical studies and the legal firm wording the contracts."

Haqiqi added that another reason behind the postponing was that the firms' experts were not granted entry visas to Sudan.

The signing of the contracts between the two French firms – BRL and Artelia – and Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan was to take place on 5-6 September in Sudan's Khartoum, according to Egypt's foreign ministry.

The spokesman added that Egypt was currently coordinating with the consultancy firms and the Sudanese and Ethiopian sides to agree on a new date for the meetings.

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Admin Notes:
What made the Egyptians make this 180 degree U-turn all of the sadden? It makes you think they might have been promised by some people to stop the GERD dam or reduce the capacity of the mega project for some financial help on the on going illegal disturbance in Amhara Region. It is not that hard to imagine the Egyptians are actively working to inflame the ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia and turn it to full fledged civil war if they can.

More Tigraian deportees from Amahara region arrive in Tigrai

At the same time Egypt is making excuses not to sign the agreed upon GERD impact studies contracts, the narrow extremist gangs who are financed by Egyptian spy agents are uprooting thousands of Tigrai origin Ethiopians from Amhara region cities and towns.

As you can see the on the above video thousands of Tigraians are arriving in western Tigrai towns through Sudan.

Some Amhara extremist groups tried to justify this inhuman action to deport people from their own country saying "the same has happened to Amhara, it is the result of TPLF policy, it is the result of ethnic federalism, and many excuses, but none of the above does not justify ethnic cleansing. Peace loving Ethiopians including the Amhara people should condemn this evil act in the strongest terms possible because this will open to much more worst ethnic conflict and deportations to other groups. We believe Tigrians are not the only people who are living and working outside of their State. This should not happen to any Ethiopian anywhere in Ethiopia period.


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