Egypt using the age old strategy to destabilize Ethiopia
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Egypt's futile strategy to survive and thrive at the expense Ethiopia will backfire

By Abdu Ahmed
Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Sept. Oct. 8, 2016


For those keen observers of Egypt's policy and strategy towards the Horn of Africa in general and in particular towards Ethiopia, the bad wind blowing from Cairo cannot and should not be a  surprise. Despite changes in the top leadership in Egypt, its age old strategy to survive and thrive at the expense of the peoples of Ethiopia has never changed and varied with leaders. Ethiopia's effort to create an understanding on mutual interests and sustainable cooperation was never reciprocated by Egypt. It should not be lost on us that the signing of DOP and negotiations that have been undertaken by leaders, ministers and experts were the usual public relations gimmick on the side of Egypt. Egypt have tried to torpedo all efforts by Ethiopia to develop itself and change the lives of its peoples. This was challenged by the remarkable growth and development registered in Ethiopia in the last 25 years. This achievement was not a source of joy for Egyptians and their leaders and they could not stomach it at all. They knew very well why this progress was made. It was happening for two reasons; one there is  a strong and committed leadership provided by EPRDF and second because EPRDF is a party and government with clear vision, policies and strategies on peace, development and democracy. It is a party clearly identified the internal vulnerability and worked hard to minimize it. Among other things, EPRDF realized the absolute necessity of peace and stability not only in the country but in the region. Egypt took this as a serious threat to its unchallenged influence in Africa and particularly in the Horn. When Ethiopia begun the construction of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Nile using its own domestic resource, something that was never occurred in the wildest imagination of the Pharaohs, was considered as the mother of all threats.  In the absence or decline of international influence to stop the construction of the dam, the only way Egypt found fit was to use Ethiopians residing abroad and work against the national interest of their country of origin as instruments of destruction and destabilizing factor. This has become apparent from the video clippings that are now being public. There was public support to OLF to secede from Ethiopia and disintegrate its unity is their age old dream that they are desperately attempting to make it reality. The former president of Egypt and all political parties who do not share anything in common came together to strategies to abort the construction of the dam. One thing the Egyptians should be reminded is that they are sowing eternal seed of enmity between the two peoples of Ethiopia and Egypt. In no way they can use the waters of the Nile at the expense of the Ethiopian survival. Nor does Ethiopia require Egypt’s blessing to make use of its natural resources. Egypt and Egyptians should be reminded that Ethiopia is the source of the major flow of the Nile waters. The only sure way for Egypt to continue to use the waters is to have the wisdom of amicable and win-win solutions.

History is full of lessons. What is worst is that if one fails miserably to learn from the history books. No reminder is needed to Egyptians the rough times they were going through since 2011. If they think that this is the way to ensure their lasting interest with waters of the line, another historical mistake is being committed by the leadership and those who are now chanting against Ethiopia's unity and integrity. They will find no less patriotism and heroism in the peoples of Ethiopia today than it was in yesterday. One thing that united Ethiopians, past and present generations most, despite our difference, was the defense of Ethiopia's sovereignty and independence. They should not go far to search history books to know about this fact. What happened with Eritrea invasion recently, the country Egypt is now using as launching pad to attack Ethiopia, is good lesson for those who can and wish to learn from. Egyptians are full of themselves that they miserably fail to learn from history, they are blinded by their arrogance. Evidence is mounting that they have distributed sacks of dollars for anti-peace Ethiopian forces to carry out street violence in various cities in Ethiopia.

Their support to Ginbot 7 was made public by the good leader of the organization. There is no slightest diplomatic decency on the side of Egyptians to hide their inner motive by disseminating video clippings where they extended strong support to the secession agenda of OLF. The recent effort by Egypt to join the regional force in South Sudan was aimed at their intention to engage in proxy war with Ethiopia. Egypt has done everything possible to mobilize the immediate neighbors of Ethiopia who are not Arabs to the fold of Arab League. So long as it serves Egypt's purpose why not bring non Arabs to Arab League. The hope that there will be some win-win solution to the use of fair, reasonable and equitable utilization of the Nile waters is now dashed by what Cairo is doing. Egypt is missing a golden opportunity that came rarely in the historic relations between the two countries. Never will they have a partner government in Ethiopia which made policy clarity on regional integration and use of transboundary resources than the government led by EPRDF. Regrettably Egypt is busy fighting the very same government that recognized the importance of cooperation between Ethiopia and the lower riparian countries. It is this government that Egypt is busy to sabotage.

Countries pass through different transitions and they overcome challenges not because what a friend or a foe  does but by  what it does inside the country. Even at this challenging times Ethiopia is going through, it is the right thing to focus on domestic front without losing sight of the external dimensions. I am not beginning to Egypt to show some sympathy and solidarity toward Ethiopia, knowing very well it will never come from Cairo because the enemy hits to destroy or to make sure that it pains for long. Ethiopia will search for solution with its people and for the people. Egypt and other sworn enemies, whether they like it or not, Ethiopia will survive- survive with dignity and pride. The current situation is not its fate and destination. The progress Ethiopia is making at home, in the region and globally cannot be stopped. The Peoples of Ethiopia know very well the cost of war and the value of peace. It also knows how to unite against its enemy.  Ethiopia has a clear foreign relations policy and national security strategy that values the cooperation and not confrontation.

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