Israeli PM visit to Ethiopia is scaring Eritrea and terrifying Egypt
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Israeli PM visit to Ethiopia is scaring Eritrea and terrifying Egypt

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, July 11, 2016

Israeli PM visit to Ethiopia is scaring Eritrea and terrifying Egypt
The recent visit of the Israeli prime minister to East Africa particularly to Ethiopia has sent shocking fear to the Arab servant Eritrean leaders and their masters the Egyptians.

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The recent visit of the Israeli prime minister to East Africa particularly to Ethiopia has sent shocking fear to the Arab servant Eritrean leaders. The big news is not about Eritrea, it is about Egypt. The Egyptian leaders are troubled by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Ethiopia so much so they sent their Foreign Minister to Israel right after the Israeli prime minister returned from Ethiopia. According to an article on the Israeli website Haaretz, it is the first visit by an Egyptian Foreign Minister to visit Israel.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry’s trip to Israel was disguised as to discuss peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The real and crucial reason of the visit is not peace, “But for Egypt there are key issues that require it to go public with Israel. One is its concern about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which Ethiopia is building on the Nile. The first part of the dam is expected to be completed next year, and Egypt says it stands to lose between 11 billion and 19 billion cubic meters of water annually.

That will reduce Egypt’s electricity output by some 25 to 40 percent. The dam is considered such a threat that deposed President Mohammed Morsi of the MuslimEgyptian Foreign Minister Brotherhood had threatened to destroy it” says Haaretz.

Egypt’s failure to stop the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam with empty threats and Eritrean supported internal chaos is making them desperate to the point they have to betray their Arab allies and beg Israel openly for help with Ethiopia.

We can assume how devastating and frightening this is to the Arab dog leaders of Eritrea. To see their masters (the Egyptians) so terrified of Ethiopia’s influence not only in the geo-politics of Africa, but of the world. Many news reports have indicated military buildup in the border continues at Ethiopia and Eritrea border. “What we did was to retaliate and silence Eritrea, We will respond to every action it takes to destabilize Ethiopia. We will intensify this policy of ours... If that shaky government wants to talk to us, our doors are open.” the Ethiopian Prime minister told Parliament last week.

The Eritrean leaders have been used as the Arab wiping rags for a long time, but recently when things are getting worse in the Red Sea enclave former province of Ethiopia, they are trying to sell half the tiny country to their masters, the Arabs.

Our analysis of the Egyptian foreign minister visit to Israel immediately after the Israeli PM visited Ethiopia is spot on. The Egyptians are worried about why the Israeli PM visited four Nile Basin countries especially Ethiopia who produces 85 percent of the Nile waters, at the eve of an important meeting by the Nile Basin Countries in Kigali, Rwanda

The excuse for the Arabs to come to the Horn of Africa is to get access to the Yemen conflict. We know the real reason is to pressure Ethiopia and to do Egypt’s dirty work against Ethiopia. Ethiopia is rising in every way and that scares the wits out of the Arabs mainly Egypt.

The Horn of Africa is extremely important area for the world and Ethiopia is the big boss in the region. Without Ethiopia’s good will now one can have peace in the region. The Arab wiping rags (Shabiya) are trying to create a hostile environment for Ethiopia and trying to prevent its inevitable dominance of the area.

If the next full scale war breaks out the Arab maids leaders of Eritrea know for sure their Arab masters could not save them because the Arabs themselves need someone to save them.

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