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South Sudanese Nuer rebels report capturing 12 Egyptian soldiers in a battle

Tigrai Onlne - May 04, 2014

A South Sudanese website reported the South Sudan rebel group known as the Gawaar-Nuer white army

A South Sudanese website reported the South Sudan rebel group known as the Gawaar-Nuer white army has captured the town of Ayod. The Nuer rebel group led by the former Vice President of South Sudan Riek Machar is fighting the Juba government of President Salva Kirr.

The report said government forces were fighting the Nuer youth army for a week reinforced by Egyptians and Ugandans.

The Nuer White Army reported an estimated up to 700 government soldiers have been killed. They also reported to have captured 12 Egyptian soldiers and Ugandans in the battle. The captured Egyptian and Ugandan soldiers have been transferred to the rebel’s headquarters.

The names and rank of the Egyptian and Ugandan prisoners of war was provided.

  1. Aches Ahmed Gou
  2. Cpt. Abaur Ahmose
  3. Amran Saleh
  4. Amun Thori
  5. Abduraman Petei
  6. Salatis Omar
  7. Osman Gosh
  8. Abdulahi Said
  9. Mohamed Raad
  10. Yusuf Abdu
  11. Cpt. Ali Semut
  12. Shemstedin Tihrak

Their Ugandans counterparts are:

  1. Akiki Lutalo
  2. Samuel Munyiga

South Sudan has been torn apart by a bloody civil war for about four months now. The American Secretary of foreign affairs who is on an official visit to Ethiopia warned about a potential genocide in South Sudan.

Egypt's armed forces chief General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi

In another bizarre development the Egyptian military leader General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi has threated to invade Algeria. In meeting he was making a speech as part of his election campign, he said " The Egyptian army is strong, It can enter Algeria in three days if befall an Egyptian"

Is the general talking about Algeria or is he threatening some other countries?

The Ethiopian government has been to mediate peace talks between the government of South Sudan and the rebels. The regime in Eritrea on the other hand stands accused by the international community interfering in South Sudan’s internal affairs.

Egypt who is locked in a bitter water conflict with Ethiopia is trying to destabilize the Horn of Africa in order to weaken Ethiopia.

Now the question is if this report is true the rebels has captured Egyptian soldiers, what were they doing there and for what reason?

Egyptian soldiers captured in South Sudan in a battle with rebels

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