Egyptians openly advocating breaking up of Ethiopia
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Egyptians openly advocating breaking up of Ethiopia

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Sept. Oct. 4, 2016

Egyptians telling a group of Oromos to establish their own country.

The Egyptians have been using this strategy for the past hundred years. Egypt used intimidation, bribery, international diplomatic pressure, Ethiopian internal conflict and manufactured social unrest.


Emperor Hailesilassie was easily persuaded with help of the United States government to stop a Nile project after a visibility study was almost completed by two American companies.  An Egyptian official admitted Egypt had given millions of dollars to Hailesilassie’s officials especially the ministry of water to stop them from starting any dam on the Nile River.

The Ethiopian military dictator Mengistu Hailemariam was daring enough to challenge Egypt and somehow he was planning starting a huge dam on the Nile. According to Egyptian officials a ship full of engineering and construction equipment was destroyed by Egyptian air force in the middle of the Red Sea. In addition to that Mengistu was busy fighting two major armed rebel groups in Tigrai and Eritrea so he didn’t have the money or the time for infrastructure development.

When TPLF/EPRDF overthrew the Derg regime in 1991, a new hopeful era opened for Ethiopia and Ethiopians.  Fast forward to 2011 when Prime Minister Meles Zenawi announced Ethiopia will build a mega dam on the Nile River, Egypt tried to do what Egypt had been doing for decades, intimidation to stop Ethiopia, but this time it didn’t work. The EPRDF generation Ethiopians didn’t care what Egypt was saying or doing to stop the project they only care what the Ethiopian people were saying, GO FOR IT WE ARE BEHINDE YOU!.

The Egyptians have been forced to admit Ethiopia and the other African Nile Basin countries have a right to use their God given wealth of Nile waters.

What Ethiopia did with the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam was a rude awaking to the Egyptians. Ethiopia directly challenged Egypt’s outdated domination on the Nile and they are not happy about it to say the least.

Egypt is trying to dismantle Ethiopia if it can using internal political conflicts and disagreements and the best bet it thinks is to support the Oromos to separate from Ethiopia. It is a fact the Oromo people of Ethiopia have been fighting for justice for over 50 years and slowly they are succeeding. We know for fact most Oromo people wanted to stay in the Ethiopian federal system. The Egyptian and the Eritrean false propaganda will not stop until they realize the destruction of Ethiopia. If Ethiopians care about their country and want to maintain its unity, beware of what our arch enemies are doing to destroy our country. There is no better evidence than the above video about Egyptian efforts to split the country. The Egyptians in the video are strongly pushing the Oromo group to create their own country.

Egyptians openly advocating breaking up of Ethiopia Egyptian officials making a speech infront of a group of Oromos

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