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Egypt launches a satellite to spy on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Tigrai Onlne - April 30, 2014

According to Ahram Online, one of the biggest Egyptian websites, the Egyptian government has launched a new satellite to track the construction progress of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Egyptian spy satellite to track progress of the Ethiopian dam GERD
Egypt launches a satellite to spy on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

The EgySat brand new Satellite was launched on April 16, 2014 by the Russian Space Agency.  The satellite will be able to capture high resolution photos with the accuracy of up to one meter.  It will be flying at an altitude of 700 km above earth.

Egypt has been trying to stop the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam since the start of the construction of the biggest dam in Africa.

The Egyptians tried many tactics to intimidate Ethiopia from building the dam using various tactics, including military threat, blocking financial loans, supporting Ethiopian terror groups, threatening legal action, arming and encouraging Eritrea and spreading false propaganda campaigns against the dam. None of the above tactics pan out any tangible results for Egypt. On the contrary they helped the Ethiopian people to rally in support of their country and the dam. Ethiopians in and outside of the country are raising millions of dollars for the construction of the GERD. The Sudanese people and government have stood firmly beside Ethiopia and the GERD knowing they will benefit greatly from the construction of the Ethiopian dam.

After all their efforts failed the Egyptians are becoming more and more desperate. The false public outcry they created in 2013 is dying off. Most Egyptians are worried about their security and political instability inside Egypt more than they are about Ethiopia using it’s share of the Nile River waters.

The launching a satellite to spy on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will not make any difference.

Alaa El-din El-Nahry, vice president of Egypt's National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, said "Egysat will monitor Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam by capturing high quality photos of the construction site along with other sources of the Nile". Egypt will be able to monitor progress of the construction of the Ethiopian dam including the Dam’s height, storage capacity and water discharge using the satellite.

The 1929 and 1959 colonial treaties and water allocation agreements signed by Egypt and the United Kingdom gaves Egypt 55.5 (75%) billion and 18.5 (25%) billion cubic to the Sudan. Ethiopia who is the source of the over 85% of the Nile water gets 0%.

Ethiopia is building the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam because the Nile River is it’s God given resource and it does not need Egyptian permission to use it’s fair share.

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