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ESAT TV is Eritrean Amharic program new information

Tigrai Online January 6, 2015

Take time and listen to the lively discussion I am sure you will learn some absolute facts about Ginbot-7, ESAT TV and the rest of the so called rebel groups. They do not exist.

ESAT TV is Eritrean Amharic program new information

Former Ethiopian opposition members say ESAT TV is part of Eritrean Amharic program. Ginbot-7 and all the so called rebel groups do not exist they are all Eritrean army pretending to be Ethiopia rebel fighters.

Ethiopians are finally realizing the fact that a tiny country like (Eritrea) who could not take care of it's own people, who does not have democracy and who can't defend it's own territory can not and will not bring any of those things to Ethiopia. Amen to that.

If you listen to the reports coming out from Eritrea, many patriotic Ethiopians who were unhappy with the EPRDF government went to Eritrea. They thought they can remove the Ethiopian government by force with help of the Eritreans, but they learned the truth the hard way, they lost their lives. Shaebiya does not want any justice and democracy for Ethiopia. What they want for Ethiopia is bloodshed and division among our people. What they dream is to see a week Ethiopia where they can come any time and rob our resources. We have to sort out our differences and narraw the gab between all of us. Defend Ethiopia Defend your people.

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