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Engineer Azeb Asnake says the Grand Renaissance Dam progressing well on track

Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington D.C.
Tigrai Online November 8, 2014

Engineer Azeb Asnake told staff members of the Ethiopian Embassy that the vital focus that the Ethiopian government attaches to the power sector is paramount and revealed to  the members of the diplomatic group that the concomitant  contribution it is impacting on attracting investment from around the globe including the US is very amazing, during  a briefing she made @ the chancery of the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C.

Engineer Azeb Asnake says GERD and Gibe 3 are progressing wellThe Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation /EEPCO/ Construction Division CEO outlined during the briefing that Ethiopia stands by far in a better position  than any  other time in the past as far as the overall power generation and consumption is concerned.  But she promptly added that the shift of the consumers and investors with more demand for electricity has  to be reckoned with steadily and sustainably.

As regards to the power outages observed in some places of the capital city and in relation to some investment sites the EEPCO Construction Division CEO admitted the unfortunate recurrence but quickly suggested that  the public appreciates  the momentum of the growth trajectory the country is undergoing and expressed her optimism that the challenge  could be mitigated through time by pinpointing to the timely technical and administrative measures being taken to alleviate the problem at present.

Talking about the 1875 MW Gilgel Gibe Project 3 which she still leads as a General Manager,  Engineer Azeb, who calls the project her  baby, revealed that it will be operational  by the end of the current Ethiopian Calendar year. In a similar note the CEO of the Construction Division of EEPCO said that it is public knowledge that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam /GERD / has already gone over 40% of the construction drive and noted that it is progressing quite on track.

In reference to the Ethiopian Diaspora worldwide, Engineer Azeb called upon them to be counted by engaging themselves in unison with other investors as a group or individually in the multi-faceted investment projects vividly observable in the power sector to benefit themselves primarily and ultimately their brothers and sisters and spur the development efforts of their home country.


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