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TPLF rejects the illegal merger of EPRDF and the party known as EPRDF is officially dissolved

Tigrai Online Nov. 17, 2019

Breaking News, ህወሓት ኣብቲ ናይ ውህደት ኣኼባ ክምዝይሳተፍ ኣፍሊጡ!!! Amharic video below.

Updated today November 20, 2019

Tigray People’s Libation Front – TPLF announced today it will not participate in the EPRDF members council meeting scheduled to take place tomorrow. In an official press release sent today to news media outlets in Tigringa and Amharic the TPLF Central Committee made it abundantly clear that it will not be participating in the meeting which would be finalizing merger of the EPRDF member parties. The TPLF said meeting is illegal and all member parties didn’t agree for it.


Ladies and Gentlemen EPRDF is dead and it is replaced by unitary (Ahadawi) party which is anti nations and nationalities and the federal system.

Unofficial reports coming out from Addis Ababa are indicating members of the executive committee of Tigray People’s Libation Front – TPLF have unanimously voted against the illegal merger of EPRDF into one single party. Dr. Debretsion, Mr. Getachew Assefa, and Mrs. Keria Ibrahim didn’t participate in the voting for different reasons. Only six members out of the nine members of TPLF executive committee who are EPRDF members of executive committee voted.

It is being said after the voting was done the non TPLF members of the EPRDF executive committee members were shocked and they were begging them to change their mind.

The TPLF has been explaining why it opposes the merger at this time for a long time. TPLF rejects the merger of EPRDF because it is being used as ploy by Abiy Ahmed and his foreign masters to demolish EPRDF.

The meeting is still continuing but, for all practical purposes the EPRDF party is dead and done with. The new party replacing the EPRDF will not survive without the TPLF representing Tigrai, and it will not be able to take part in the coming election that means there will not be functioning government. The fate Ethiopia as a country hangs on the balance. The hidden agenda of the enemies of Ethiopia as a country has been to do this all along and it seems they have succeeded.


Tigrai is fully united, organized, armed and tip to tip galvanized to deal with whatever the next few months bring. If the son’s and daughters of Menlik think they can touch Tigrai now they must be hallucinating, because 45 years ago the Tigrai people rose up and launched an armed military struggle with a few students and five guns. The chauvinist dominated Ethiopian government at that time ridiculed them saying they were meaningless mice. Little did they know it was the start of their demise. After 17 bitter years of armed struggle, the Tigrai people led by the TPLF defeated and humiliated the giant chauvinist army which was armed with the most modern and sophisticated weapons. The TPLF defeated the Dergi army which was numbered over half million because the people of Tigrai was on their side not because they had superior weapons. Forward to now, things are completely different than 45 years ago. The difference is double sided:

TPLF announced today it will not participate in the EPRDF members council meeting tomorrow!!! Amharic Vedio

  1. The TPLF of today is a government and controls Tigrai 100%.
  2. Tigrai’s economy, army, population, wealth, health and moral are much greater than forty five years ago.
  3. Diplomatically Tigrai has allies not only in the Horn of Africa, but throughout the entire world.
  4. The people of Tigrai are fully awakened from the century long snooze and they are united more than ever.
  5. The false empire is defeated and the Ethiopian people are aware of their rights.
  6. The extremist chauvinist forces are cornered, demoralized, and fighting among each other.

Considering the above points the chance of the sons of Menlik marching to invade and attack Tigrai is next to nothing. Be that as it may, we still can’t let our guard down because those with wounded ego are looking for revenge and they will do it with malice if they get the opportunity.

Mark my words the so called “change” is a change for the destruction of Ethiopia. Those who fought for the current change should know there is more change coming their way and it is not going to be all rosy, in fact they might be regretting the day they cursed the TPLF. The TPLF is gone home and it is welcomed by the people of Tigrai, now you are on your own, ENJOY YOUR CHANGE!!!.

As to Tigrai and its people we are ecstatic TPLF is back home and we are working to insure that our future is bright and prospers. From here on we will keep going forward we are not going back again.

Abiy Ahmed dissolved EPRDF the Ethiopian rulling party

Ethiopian rulling party the EPRDF is officially dissolved, TPLF rejects the illegal merged unitary (Ahadawi) party and plans to establish a new federalist party with other Ethiopians.

Who are the real killers of the Generals Seare, Gezae and Simegnew Bekelle, the EPRDF and Ethiopia in general?


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