What is the fate of Ethiopia after the Executive Committee of EPRDF meeting?
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Ethiopia faceing Oromo problems in the south
What will be the fate of Ethiopia after the Executive Committee of EPRDF meeting is concluded?
EPRDF needs to take back control of the country or kiss it good by for good.

What is the fate of Ethiopia after the Executive Committee of EPRDF meeting?

Tigrai Online, Dec. 27, 2017


The Executive Committee of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front - EPRDF has been in an emergency meeting for a couple of weeks now. The meeting is to address the current dire situation of the country. The meeting is expected to be concluded soon, the question is what will come out of the much anticipated meeting and can the organization emerge united and stronger than before to face the security crisis.

The EPRDF meeting is taking place in a complete secrecy which opened the flood gates for the rumor mills of the internet. Especially the extremists, power mongers, hate mongers, racists, anti Ethiopian forces, and strategic enemies of the Ethiopian people are spreading lies and poisonous propaganda against the EPRDF.

Since the beginning of 2016 when members of the terrorist group Ginbot-7 infiltrated the Amhara regional government and the peaceful demonstrations in the state, the security crisis of Ethiopia took a horrible turn. In the Gonder demonstrations something unprecedented phenomenon started to take place in Amhara regional state. For the first time in Ethiopian history innocent civilian residents of the state were deported, killed, their businesses burned, robbed and destroyed just because they happen to be Tigraians Ethiopians from Tigrai. The Amhara regional state president, the police and other government authorities did absolutely nothing to stop the armed gangs from deporting and killing the elderly, pregnant women and children. At the end of the crime spree 82 civilian Tigraians, 11 members of the Federal police, one member of the Ethiopian armed forces were killed. Eleven thousand Tigraians were deported majority of them fled to the Sudan and the Sudanese government helped them to return back to Tigrai. Hotels, shops, restaurants and other businesses worth worth over 200 million birr weas destroyed.

That was the beginning of to all the mayhem we see today in Ethiopia. If the federal government took decisive action against all those who were involved in the 2016 crisis, it would have sent an unequivocal message. The crimes against the Tigraians in Amhara reginal state would never be repeated anywhere in the land of Ethiopia at any circumstances. Instead the government tried to hide the shameful event, minimize, and deny it. Meanwhile the extremists celebrated it as a victory over the people of Tigrai and the TPLF. What they didn’t know is they have opened a Pandora’s box in Ethiopia compromising the Ethiopian federal system.


Fast forward to the end of 2017, the evil acts and events from Amhara state has been duplicated in other regional states in a grand scale. As a result thousands of people are displaced and hundreds of innocent Ethiopians mainly Somali Ethiopians have lost their lives in Oromo regional state. Things went from bad to worse when thousands of University students throughout the country are prevented from continuing their studies because of security problems. Some university students have been killed in Oromo, Amhara and Tigrai in the past month.

As usual EPRDF is reacting after things started to get out of control and it is trying to clean the mess it created. A security mess that was primarily the making of EPRDF by showing weakness instead of strength to uphold the rule of law. As a result the integrity of the country is in a grave danger.

We hope the EPRDF meeting is not too late or too little for EPRDF and the people of Ethiopia to get out of the current eminent danger. If EPRDF fails it will be catastrophic for the people of Ethiopia because disintegration Ethiopia and endless civil war among many communities will become reality.


Take back full control of the country except minor police work and local law and order matters. Federal institutions including universities should be one hundred percent under federal control. Protect all Ethiopian lives at any cost. Remove corrupt and misguided regional leaders. Uphold the constitution in its entirety. Safety and security comes before fighting poverty because dead people can't enjoy wealth.


For all peace loving Ethiopian:

Denounce, deny access, fight back, and expose Ginbot-7, OLF, ONLF, PFDJ, Egypt and all other anti Ethiopian forces. If EPRDF collapses there is no organized party to keep the country intact and prevent bloody civil war. Stop being a tool for enemies of Ethiopia. Fight injustice wherever it is in Ethiopia by peaceful means. If you don't work as hard to keep Ethiopia united there will not be Ethiopia.

For the people of Tigrai:

You are not solely responsible to hold the sky of Ethiopian unity. Wake up and get your house in order and invest where you will be safe.

For the moderate legal opposition:

Removal of EPRDF doesn't mean freedom, democracy, peaceful country, or true elections. There is no garanttee any of the reginal states will not declare independence if the current constititution  is removed. 95% of Ethiopians didn't want to go back to the old unitary system. Work with EPRDF and the Ethiopian people to show them you have a better policies for the country if you have any or don't agitate and start storms you can't control.

For some Eritreans who are working to destroy Ethiopia:

You will never find better working partner than EPRDF to work with in Ethiopia. If Ethiopia is in turmoil Eritrea will be in a worst situation than it is now.


In all the above cases of mass deportation and other crimes, people did not hurt other people only leaders and small time politicians did.