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EPRDF Executive Committee concludes its long awaited closed meeting

Tigrai Online, updated Dec. 30, 2017

EPRDF official press statement after the long meeting

Read the EPRDF Press release in Amharic here

EPRDF official press statement
EPRDF Executive Committee official press statement after three weeks closed meeting


Tigrai Online, Dec. 29, 2017

The Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front has concluded its long all-or-nothing executive committee meeting. The Ethiopian ruling party didn’t issue any official press release yet. We are expecting more details of the meeting regarding policy change and reshuffling of ministers if any.

What is known and significant so far is, Mr. Abadula Gemeda is back to his former job as a Speaker of the House of Peoples' Representatives. Mr. Bereket Simon is also said to be returning to work with EPRDF. Both men had resigned from the posts not long ago and they were in the processes of finalizing their leave.

There is high expectation from the Ethiopian people the EPRDF will clean its self and use its political capital to have a strong control on the country instead of playing house with innocent people’s lives.


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