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EPRDF works to stabilize Somalia while PFDJ is working to destabilize Ethiopia

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, March 10, 2016

EPRDF works to stabilize Somalia while PFDJ is working to destabilize Ethiopia

The current Ethiopian government has been engaged in an endless battle of putting out fires started by the Eritrean government in every corner of Ethiopia.


Ever since the humiliating defeat at the Badme war, the Eritrean mafia leaders have been adopting different strategy to destabilize Ethiopia. The core of their policy is to use any public dissatisfaction in Ethiopia to inflame social unrest in the country. With the help of Egyptian social scientists and with the financial support of the Arabs petro dollar, the Eritrean gangsters took the art of destabilization to a higher level in Ethiopia.

Like any multi ethnic country in this world, Ethiopia has its own share of ethnic, religious, political, and good governance problems. Unlike the lies told by the current government opponents, there were many occasions in our history where there were religious wars between Christian and Muslims the Gragn Mohamed or Ahmad ibn Ibrahim war of 1529-43 comes to mind. Ethnic conflict in Ethiopia is not new either, civil war between the Tigrai, Amhara and Oromo has been going on throughout our recent history to present. The big difference between now and then is, now outside enemies are manipulating the internal affairs of our country for the purpose of destroying Ethiopia as a nation.

Fast forward to 2016 Ethiopia has the same problems it had in the 1500s and 1700s, but now the former province of Ethiopia MdriBahri also known as Eritrea is a country and it is being used as an instrument of destruction against Ethiopia by the Arabs. What is the Arabs problem with Ethiopia you might ask? In short, Egypt wants to control the Nile waters and Saudi Arabia wants to convert us to Muslims.

Why do the Eritreans want the destruction of Ethiopia? They have this weird believe unless Ethiopia is broken into small pieces or amerced in a bloody civil war and preoccupied with itself, they couldn’t exist as a country because one day Ethiopia is going to come and take away their independence. They could not be more mistaken because Ethiopia and Ethiopians don’t care about Eritrea anymore, but the Eritrean leadership is paranoid and they are using this fake drama to stay in power.

Back to Ethiopia, EPRDF is pretending everything is ok and nothing is wrong with the status quo policy towards Eritrea, but we know it is NOT! The People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) the brutal junta in Eritrea have been quietly working in multi pronged attack against Ethiopia. First they are trying get rid of the UN sanctions against them. Second they are amassing financial support from the Arabs countries under the disguise of Yemen support. Third the Eritrean mafias are embedding thousands of sleeper agents as refugees throughout Ethiopia. Fourth they are spending millions of Arab dollars to fan the unrests in many parts of Ethiopia from within and out of the country.

The ongoing Oromo unrest is a brain child of Isaias Afewerki and his masters the Arabs. Why did they choose to do this now? Because Ethiopia is dealing with a difficult drought trying to feed millions of hungry people, it will be very hard to wage a war while the country is trying to save millions from hunger. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is about to be completed, so starting a war might delay the completion time thereby giving the Egyptians time to come up with some other means to sabotage the mega project or increase the cost of the project.

Don’t forget the conflict brewing in Gonder and Western Tigrai which is reported daily by the Eritrean websites with fake photos and videos.

The Eritrean government starts a fire in some part of Ethiopia, and the Ethiopian government puts it out, but before that is completely put out the Eritrean government starts another one in the other end of the country and the game keeps going. One day Shabya will lit the whole Ethiopia on fire.

We think the Ethiopian government should do something about the Eritrean government provocation before it is too late. The Shabiya regime is becoming bolder every month increasing its incursion to the Ethiopian territories with its own troops or by its proxy terror groups. The latest kidnapping of civilians from Tigrai State is a perfect example. The incident was not reported by government news media, but we were told by Fana broadcasting their safe return. If it wasn’t for VOA, TOL or Aigaforum reporting the kidnapping, we would not have heard what happened to our people, but why didn’t the government news media report it? We will let you answer that question.


The more the Ethiopian government keeps quite or issues their pathetic empty warning against PFDJ, the more it thinks it will get away with anything and it will, unless a decisive military action is taken by the Ethiopian government to let the Eritrean mafia leaders IT IS NOT OK TO DISRESPECT ETHIOPIA! We are not asking for all out war against Eritrea here, we are asking the Ethiopian leaders to keep their own word and punish the mafia gangs in Asmara when they kidnap or kill our citizens.

The Ethiopian people don’t understand why the Ethiopian government is sending thousands of troops to Somalia to stabilize that country while Shabiya is destabilizing Ethiopia?

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