PFDJ Eritrean supporters declared victory against Ethiopian unity
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Eritrea is fully behind the recent Ethiopian demonstrations
PFDJ and its Supporters are saying Ethiopia is finished as a country
one hardliner Eritrean said “Ethiopia is beyond repair”. The above picture (Tigrigna part) is at

PFDJ Eritrean supporters declared victory against Ethiopian unity

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, August 13, 2016

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The illegal and violent demonstrations in the former capital city of Beja Midr, Gonder and later in some parts of Oromia regional state were 100% instigated by Shabiya and engineered by the Egyptian spy agencies. The strategy of destabilizing Ethiopia is being implemented as we speak with some Arab countries financing.

All of the Eritrean websites supporting the brutal regime in Asmara are gloating on what has had happened in Gonder in July 5 and 6, 2016. They can barely contain their happiness seeing Ethiopian tearing apart. Many Eritreans are saying “Ethiopia is beyond repair

The real social engineers behind the demonstrations have one goal and only one goal. It is not the identity of the Wolkayit and Tsegedye regions of western Tigrai. It is not the colors of the Ethiopian flag. It is not the domination of EPRDF parties by the TPLF. The real goal of Egypt and its foot soldier PFDJ is the total disintegration of Ethiopia as a country.

Egypt, Isaias, and PFDJ

The enemies of Ethiopia are not strangers to Ethiopia. They know the Ethiopian people’s psychological, social, political, and ethnological makeup. They understand the history of the people.  Top Egyptians social scientists have been studying the Ethiopian society for hundreds of years including our political dynamics and linguistics. The Eritrean gang leader so called president for life Isaias Afwerki went to high school in the town of Woldiya in Wollo province with his uncle Degazmach/Degezmati Solomon Abraha who was Governor of Wollo in the 1960s. Isaias was a student at Haile Selassie I University which is now known as Addis Ababa University in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia before he quit school to join the Eritrean Libration Front ELF. This sinister man’s parents come from Tigrai, Ethiopia. His mother is Adanech Berhe from Yeha, Adwa and his father was from Tembien and Awraja Aagame on his father’s side. Ayte Afwerki’s mother is from Tselot Awraja Hamassien. Now imagine for a second, Isaias who speaks perfect Amharic because he grow up in Wollo and went to University in Addis Ababa, who also speaks excellent Arabic because his time in the liberation struggle would have an insider’s knowledge about Ethiopia. Isaias and his backers are the social Engineers who are planning and executing the demolishing of Ethiopia.

EPRDF, luck of good governance and the backdoor for Egypt

EPRDF is fighting to reduce corruption but not very effectively. Bribery and corruption are widespread throughout Ethiopia. The spread of corruption is heavily interfering with good governance in the country. The Ethiopian people are sick and tired of those two social sicknesses. The masses are angry at the EPRDF government not taking practical effective measures to significantly reduce corruption and spread good governance. The enemy of Ethiopia uses this weakness of the government to manipulate the people’s emotions.

Fake Royals and the Ethiopian flag

A few of the demonstrators are engaged in a futile attempt to bring back the fake King Hailesilassie’s crown to Ethiopia. This might sound comical or absurd, but trust me there are some Amara that think ruling Ethiopia under a royal family is better for the country. That is the reason they want to swap the current Ethiopian flag to the old flag with the lion. Little do they know the original flag and the lion symbolize the Axumite Kingdom not Ankober. Most of all 95% Ethiopians wouldn’t want to be part of Ethiopia ruled by one family.

The hidden agenda of the ports

Many of the extremists who are working as Isaias’s foot soldiers have a hidden agenda. Even though they are claiming their fight is to overthrow the TPLF, what they really want is to bring the ports of Assab and Mitswaae by force plunging both people to endless war.  Isaias knows their motive, but he wants to use them to destroy Ethiopia. The extremists know he has no love for them or for Ethiopia, but they think they can use him to destroy TPLF. Both are miscalculating and undermining each other. Isaias is miscalculating if things get out of hand and Ethiopia falls under an extremist force they will not stop at the Mereb River, but they will keep marching to the Red Sea. The extremist Ethiopians are miscalculating the ethnic, religious, and social chaos could easily get out of hand and breakup the country to pieces. Then Egypt and Isaias will be dealing with the Republic of Oromia, Republic of Amara, Republic of Tigrai, and Republic of Afar and so on.  That is the altimate dream of Isaias and Egypt, because instead of dealing with a united, strong and very powerful nation of Ethiopia which happens to be home to 100 million people, they created small and weak tiny nations where they can push around all they want.

Then what? Should EPRDf rule forever?

NO. The EPRDF should start cleaning itself corruption exhaustively. The government should work to build confidence of the public by listening to the people. It should work tirelessly to ensure good governance is not compromised for any reason. Stop saying we are doing great you can see our work on the ground. Government should explain everything to the public in absolute transparency on time. Invite legitimate and genuine opposition to the negotiation table, if there are none create conducive ground where a real opposition party can grow. Address all public questions in a democratic and peaceful manner. Show no mercy to external and internal enemies of the nation.

To all the Ethiopians who love Ethiopia

Know what the enemy of your country is planning in ten years against Ethiopia. Don’t be a tool to wreck mother Ethiopia. Any Ethiopian can be angry at the Ethiopian government without handing victory to the arch enemies of our country.  EPRDF will pass, TPLF will pass and Gim-7 will disappear, but make sure Ethiopia remains for eternity.

Egyptian politicians caught plotting how to attack Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Unaware their meeting has been aired live on TV the Egyptian politicians were suggesting how to sabotage or attack the Ethiopian dam in June 2013. Some of the suggestions were to use OLF, ONLF, Eritrea< Somalia, Djibouti...

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