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The Eritrean regime drops the empty bravado admits fear of invasion from Ethiopia

Tigrai Online, September 9, 2015

Eritrea fears invasion from Ethiopia the ministry of Information announce this week
Thaousands of Eritrean conscripted soldiers were killed in a foolish adnventures war which was started by the mafia leaders of Eritrea in the Badme war, thousands more the lucky once were caputred by the Ethiopain army as prisoners of war. Please look at the young kid, girls on the left, this are the soldiers of Eritrea.

The Eritrean military regime was hiding behind false propaganda for the past few months saying the Ethiopian government “Woyane” is weak and it does not pose any real threat to Eritrea. In a not so surprising u turn this week the gangs in Asmara announced to the whole world the nightmare they have been trying to grapple with privately. The leaders of the Eritrean regime are scared to death of their tiny and bankrupt nation might be invaded by their giant and most powerful neighbor to the south, Ethiopia.


The entire world except the Eritrean regime blind supporters know what the reality in Eritrea in 2015 is. In 1998 the childish Eritrean leaders declared the “the SUN will never rise again” if the ragtag army they build is pushed out from the then occupied Ethiopian town of Badme.  They didn’t even bother their statement is against the laws of the Universe let alone some insignificant dirt poor leaders of minuscule country, there is no power in the Universe that will stop the Sun from rising. Both statements were proved wrong in a few months. The Sun rose following its natural law, most of their Saw boys and girls were destroyed in the blessed land they have invaded and the remaining few were dugout from their heavily fortified underground bankers by the law of the gallant Ethiopian defense forces.

Although the Ethiopian defense forces push to the capital Asmara was halted by the Ethiopian policy makers prematurely, the Eritrean regime was thought a lesson it will never forget for millennia, NEVER mess with Ethiopia or you will pay the price.

After the humiliating defeat at the hands of the mighty Ethiopian army, life Eritrea has been hell on Earth. Ethiopia implemented a policy of a chokehold called “No peace no war”. The Idea is to cripple the Eritrean regime without shading a single drop of blood. The No peace no war worked and it is still working beautifully. The Eritrean regime is bankrupt economically, militarily, and six percent of the population has fled the country including significant portion of the ragtag army.

The Eritrean regime knows it does not stand a chance to fight another war with Ethiopia, but it continues to provoke the Ethiopian government by taking actions that can be seen very hostile towards the Ethiopian people. Even though the Eritrean regime is slowly dying, Ethiopia can’t continuously ignore those provocations and appropriate action might be taken.

The Eritrean people are growing fearful about the fate of their country if war breaks out between Ethiopia and Eritrea, but they are absolutely helpless to do anything about it.

We are not sure what kind of intelligence the Eritrean regime has, but it has told the whole world invasion from Ethiopia is likely. “The TPLF’s saber rattling has been a common staple throughout winter.   And this has been ratcheted up in the past few weeks.  The TPLF regime is resorting to tactics of covert intimidation to dissuade various circles from associating with Eritrea.  It has gone beyond these hints to openly assert that it has secured a green-light from the United States to unleash war against Eritrea” Statement of the Eritrean Ministry of Information said last week on its website.

A reminder to those who forgot what happen the last time Shabiya started war

We hope there will not be any war, but if there is going to be war the Eritrean people should be fully aware it WILL BE INSIDE ERITREA. Unlike the war in 1998 when the Eritrean army invaded the open borders between Ethiopia and Eritrea, this time around the Ethiopian government and the Ethiopian people are 100% ready militarily, financially, psychologically and morally.

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